Top Australian Online Casinos 2017

When entering the online gambling world, it is important to know all you need to know about casino jackpots and online casino sites. Jackpot Casino will guide you on how and where to find the best online casino in Australia. To become a gambling pro and win loads of money you need to learn how to spot the biggest paying jackpots at best online casinos in Australia. The most sort after jackpots in the online casino world are progressive jackpots. These jackpots get bigger when more players play the jackpot. These progressive jackpots give you the chance to become an instant millionaire. We at Jackpot Casino will help you find the best jackpots websites Australia has to offer on the internet. We also feature top online casinos that are Australian friendly and recommend players to make their top picks from the list. Recommended sites offer players excellent and fun games. Re4an on for more on top online casinos here

Top Recommended Online Casinos in Australia



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AU Online Casino History

Online casinos are now an integrated part of our society; it is a market that has taken off drastically, but before the “revolution of gaming,” where and how did this fantastic innovation begin?

Casinos online started in 1994 when the government of Antigua and Barbuda passed a bill called the Free Trade and Processing Act. The passing of this Act is what ultimately fueled the idea of online casinos before the right technology came by. The Free Trade and Processing Act made possible for business owners to start providing these services over the Internet.

More on Casino History

At the same time, a software company called Microgaming was available, and this would revolutionize online games as we know them. They were able to make their systems secure, by making use of different online software group called Cryptologic, which enabled online transactions to take place.

Both these companies were pivotal in the launch of online casinos. Although there is no credible source to confirm what the first online casino was, “The Gaming Club” could be the first online casino, launched in 1995. After that, “Intercasino” was released on the internet in 1996 called “Intercasino” whom Giants Cryptologic were the masterminds of.

Casino Testing & Review Process


Online casinos have become extremely popular in Australia over the last few years, with a massive collection of new and exciting different top rated Australian casinos for players to try out.  We have stringent rules when it comes to vetting a casino. Jackpots Casino aims to be your guide to the world of Australian online casinos servicing our market. We take care to only online review casinos that are well suited for our audience. Also, we featured top rated sites that we have tried and tested. Australian gamers can now play at the tested Australian websites. Land based casino finder is also one source that can help you find the best land based casino near you.Check out our testing process below.Below is a list of user-friendly Australian guide of tips to be mindful of:


Regulated Casinos
The Safest Online Casinos
Excellent Customer service
Wide Variety of Games
Exclusive Bonuses
Fast and Reliable Payouts
Honest Reviews
The Best Australian Banking Options

List of Top Rated Online Casino Games

Years of Experience: We take care to provide you with the advice from our team that has the relevant experience and background in the online casino games industry.  Our writers are knowledgeable on the topic and will only ever recommend Australian online casino games that they previously have tested, or would spend their money at. There are gaming tables that players can enjoy and more of top-ranked fun games. The best online casino Austalia has the best of the following.

Pokies AU:

Online Pokies are a favorite among all players whereby you play using an online slot machine, and your winnings are determined whether all 3 of your icons match correctly. Pokies is the slang name that Australians use to call slots.

best Online Pokies in Australia

Roulette AU:

Roulette is a very popular online and land-based casino game whereby the objective is to guess where the ball where the ball will land on in a spinning wheel.

online Roulette in Australia

Blackjack AU:

Blackjack is a card game favored by many where players try their best to get their hand to amount to 21 and no more. It is also commonly known as Twenty-One

 online blackjack in Australia

Poker AU:

The most common gambling online card game in the world, allows the player to guess their opponents’ combination in their hand, which remains hidden throughout. Players will increase their wager if they believe their hand is strong enough to win the round.

best Poker for Australian players

Craps AU:

This is more known in the States but is getting plenty of traction in Australia. It’s game using two dice, and you need to roll a 7 or 11 to win. Unfortunately, if you roll a 2,3 or 12, lady luck is not on your side, and it is counted as a loss.

Online Craps in Australia


Online Keno is a lottery-like casino game, quite similar to bingo. It is straightforward and easy to play; the player’s objective is simply to guess what numbers will be chosen or drawn at random by the game.

Online Keno in Australia


Online Bingo is very much the same as traditional Bingo, the main difference being that Online Bingo is the virtual version of the game that can be played from home on an internet-enabled computer.

best online Bingo for Australians

Sports Betting:

Sports Betting is all about making bets on sports games taking place. there are a lot of sports games that Australian players can engage in. some of the types of sports include The Australian Open, Football, Golf and just to name a few. Gamers can choose to bet on different aspects of the game.

Sports Betting for Australian players

Sic Bo:

Online Sic Bo is a game played by betting on the outcome of three rolled dice. Players make their bets, and the dealer rolls the dice inside a box and then opens it to reveal the outcome.

online Sic Bo un Aussie

Online Casinos to Avoid in Australia

Jackpots Casino AU reviewers do an anonymous audit on every Australian casino. Furthermore, we only recommend sites that pass our safety, security and fairness checks. Below are some of the casinos that failed our testing process. We have listed them on our list of sites to avoid in Australia. There is a guide that further explains why players should avoid rogue casinos. We at Jackpots Casino have tried &Tested the websites hence we do not list them on out page because we investigated them before. Furthermore, we also recommend that players be very cautious when choosing a casino to game at.

  • Lake Palace
  • Vernons Casino
  • Orange Casino

casinos to avoid-Australia

Top 5 Best Australian Casino Bonuses

Aussie players have the privilege of getting great bonuses when they sign up with the casino. Below are the bonuses that new and existing gamblers can get when they play at Australian casinos.

Welcome Casino Bonuses
Freeplay bonus

Loyalty Program Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Best Aussie Mobile Casinos

We review and rate the best mobile casinos in Australia so that you have a convenient and enjoyable casino experience. Australian casino players can also access the best mobile gambling casinos at any time and enjoy playing their favorite mobile casino games. Our reviewed mobile casinos score high regarding games and bonuses. The games that are featured in mobile casinos are very common to the fun games that players find online.

Casino Games on mobile devices are pivotal to most of the experience, and an area of interest in most software casino based industries. Mobile casinos are available on most devices such as Android, iPhones as well as iPads. However, some screen may make the games look somehow. it is up to the gamer to look for a better mobile device.

Pay very close attention to the site that you select, and make sure that it is reputable. Although Mobile casinos are available for Australians, not many of them are tailor-made for their mobile phones. This is because many of these games are still tailored for the North American and European market. Check out some of the top ranked Mobile Devices below

Android Casinos
Mac Casinos
Windows Casinos
iPhone Casinos

Australia mobile Casino-Australia

You need to be aware of the following before playing on these mobile online casinos:



Game Selection

Apple (IOS) Casino-Australia  blackberry-Australia Android casinos- Australia Other Devices-Australia


Glossary – Top Australian Internet Casino Terms


A gambling game in which a small ball is systematically dropped onto a revolving wheel with differently numbered compartments. The objective is to guess where the ball will land to obtain your winnings.


This is popular gambling card game whereby players attempt to get the value of their hand to 21 and no more. It is also known as Twenty-One.


A term used by Australians to refer to Slot Machines. These pokies or slots refer to a machine that has 3 or more reels that spin when the button on the machine is pushed. This slot/pokie machine operates off patterns of symbols that are visible on the front of the machine when it comes to a stop.


A very popular gambling game in North America, whereby two dice are used to play. If you roll a 7 or an 11, this is a winning throw. However, if you throw a 2, 3, or 12 is a losing throw.


A game where players mark off numbers on cards that the caller (dealer) are randomly drawn. The first person to mark off their numbers is the winner.


A very popular card game where players hold 2 or 3 card hands. The winning hand is the one where giving the highest remainder when its face value is divided by 10


Refers to an excellent gambler


Refers to a gambler who gambles large amounts of money


This is an incentive that online casinos use to attract or encourage players to sign up to their sites or bet on games. There are various bonuses, such as welcome bonus, no deposit bonuses, high roller bonus and bonuses that are relevant to the games that you play.


A lottery-type game in which players have to choose numbers from a keno card and place wagers. Numbers are the drawn, and players get paid out if the numbers they chose matches the numbers drawn.


A very popular gaming software company that has changed gaming as we know it. Their innovative games and quality standards ensure a great gaming experience.

Sports Betting

The activity of predicting sports results and placing bets on what you think the outcome will be. This has become very popular in online casino games.


A type of software that generates numbers at random. It is a Random Number Generator

Wager Agreement

Classified as a bonus requirement, or play through demand. This often refers you to the amount of money you have to bet with to receive a casino bonus.


E-commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCogra). This is the organization that regulates many online casinos and gaming companies.

Quick Facts About Australia

  • Prime Minister: Malcolm Turnbull
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • Language: English, Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, and Greek
  • National Animal: Red Kangaroo
  • Women were to first vote in 1902
  • 20% of the Pokie machines in the world are here.

Brick and Mortar Australian Casinos

With online casinos gaining more popularity than land-based ones, they are becoming an isolated market. However, what people tend to forget is that the experiences are entirely different! These are our picks for the top land-base casinos in Australia

  • Adelaide Casino
  • Casino Canberra
  • Country Club Casino
  • Crown Perth
  • Star Sydney
  • Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino
  • Lasseters Hotel Casino

Australian Online Casinos FAQs

Is It Possible to Play Using Australian Dollars at Online Casinos?
Can I Gamble Online in Australia?
How Can I Make Deposit or Withdrawal at an Australian Online Casino?
How Do I Qualify For a Welcome Bonus at an Online Casino?
What Is the Payout Percentages at Australian Online Casinos?
How Can I Make Deposit or Withdrawal at an Australian Online Casino?
What is a “Rogue” Casino, and Are They Prominent in Australia?
Is online gambling legal in Queensland?

Live Casinos in Australia

For players that like to play their games offline at land based casinos, they can find best  bricks and mortar casinos using our casino finder local casino finder

Our top five picks:

  • Casino Canberra: 21Binara St, Canberra ACT 2601, 1994, Tel +02 6257 7074
  • West Point Hotel Casino: 410 Sandy BaY rd, TAS 7005, Tel +03 6221 1888
  • Crown Casino Perth: Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100, AU, Tel +61 1800 556 688
  • County Club Casino: Prospect Vale, TAS 7250,1982, Tel +03 6335 5777
  • The Star Casino: 80 Pyramount St, Pyramount NSW 2009, AU, Tel +61 1800 700 700

live casinos-Australia

Problem Gambling: Information

It might be you or someone you know with online gambling addiction; you can seek help here:

Australian Online Casinos-gambling problems-Australia