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Looking for the best sports betting casinos to compare? Sports Betting is all about wagering on the outcome of a sporting event like horse races, football or boxing. Like any other game of chance, Sports Bet is practised in the hope of winning extra money. Depending on the outcome, one may either win according to the bookmaker’s odds or simply lose their wager.Sports Betting has been a favourite form of gambling and continued to grow in popularity today. One of the things that have led to its boom is Online Sports Bet, which thanks to the Internet, means that you don’t necessarily need to go to a specific place to place your bet. Players should look for sportsbook gambling destinations that are great to play at.

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The History of Sports Bet

Gambling as a whole has been a part of the entertainment for years and Sports Betting, though it was illegal for most of the countries history. Betting on Sports became very popular in the 19th century, especially in athletics and boxing.The world’s first official horse racing meet was held in New South Wales around 1810, followed by the great 1861 Melbourne Cup. The following century saw to a ban on the activity after a mass protest against it. This carried on until the 1970s. It was after this that the laws that had bound gambling and even betting were relaxed.

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The TAB began to bring back betting on sports in the 70s; it eventually grew to include Football Betting, though their attempts did not get a lot of attention. It was in the 1990s that Betting on Sports began to grow. This was due to the governments’ decision to let independent Sports Bet agencies operate in the Northern Territory.

This promoted a rapid growth of Sports Betting such that by the year 2000, bookmakers and TABs were hosting bets on multiple sports games around all the territories and states of the world. A lot has happened since then that has led to more growth in this type of gambling, including marketing efforts that have increased interest in it. Today, Sports Betting continues to grow and win the hearts of many gamblers around the globe.

Online Betting Odds

Now that you have learned a little about Sports Betting basics let’s get into some nitty-gritty, beginning with betting odds. To understand odds, let us start with explaining them.

When playing a game of chance, the possibility or probability of winning is expressed as odds. There are best payout casinos to play the best games at. It is also good for players to compare the kind of sports they are betting on.Probabilities add up to a 100%, so you may have a 50 % chance if winning a head or tails coin spin; the outcomes add up to a 100%. With odds, instead of being expressed as a percentage, this same possibility is expressed some other way depending on the type of odds system you choose to use.

Sports Bet Odds are based on two types of betting odds systems. These are the American odds and the decimal odds system. gamblers can also gain extra bonuses while playing.Look out for the best Online Casinos to play your sports betting at here.

Decimal Odds system

Taking the explanation of probability and odds given above, the Decimal Odds system expresses winning chances as a fraction of the probability percentage, instead of as the percentage itself.

So a 25% chance of winning is expressed as 100/25 = 4.

This means in the case that you win, for every currency you wager, you will win back the currency.

sports betting basics

American Odds Betting System

This system is based on money line betting, hence sometimes referred to as money line odds. They are expressed with either a + or a – sign.

  • Odds with a + sign indicate the amount of money you would win for a stake of 100.
  • If it has a – sign, the odds are indicating the amount on money you would have to stake to win 100.

So at odds of +150, you would win $150 if you bet $100. And with odds of -240, you would need to bet $240 to win $100.

Sports Bet Games Comparison 2018

Below is a run-through of the most popular sports to bet on in 2018. Find the best online casino and start your betting. Players want to play at best payout casinos.

Betting on Football

Football is in two forms- Football and Soccer.

Football is the most cherished version of football in the land down under. It is quite similar to American football with differences in playing rules. In Footy, there are eighteen players on each side instead of eleven, and the players do not wear much in the way of protective clothing. So the tackles are much more grisly and violent.

online sports bet

Soccer, which is known as football around the world, is the same at anywhere else. Gamblers can bet on any of the many international soccer tournaments like The Barclays Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

football betting


Betting on Golf

Another popular sport to bet on is Golf. Here you can bet on either:

  • The player you believe will win that particular tournament, or
  • The player’s finishing positions.

Golf tournaments that gamblers love to bet on include The Ryder Cup, The PGA Open, and The PGA Championship.

Betting on Horse Races

This sport has been around for thousands of years and so has betting on it. Horse Race betting makes up part of many countries’ gambling history and still plays a role in today’s gaming society.


betting game - horse racing

You can make any of the following bets in golf game:

  • A win bet – a bet you place on the horse you think will win the race.
  • A Place bet – placed on the finishing position of the horse. First and second place win.
  • A Show bet – placed on the first, second and third position.
  • An Exacta bet – a bet placed on two horses which will finish on first and second position. To win, the horses must finish exactly as you guessed.
  • An Exacta Box bet – similar to an exacta bet, except with this bet, the prediction doesn’t need to be on each horse’s precise position.

Betting on Tennis

The sport of Tennis is also among players favourite games to bet on and offers many betting opportunities, especially in the big tournaments. Such includes Wimbledon, The American Open, and The French Open.

Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

It is time to get familiar with a few things you can do or be aware of to ensure a smooth gameplay or improve your winning potential when betting on sports games. Players can also choose to play live casino games of their choice.

First of all, when betting on sports, make sure it is a sport you are familiar with or have some knowledge about. This will help you make informed predictions since you would already know some history about it. For instance, you may know the football team that you are betting on and its past outcomes when playing with certain teams. This gives you a better advantage.

Secondly, if you don’t already have knowledge of the sport, then study it as much as possible. Keep up-to-date with the developments of the sport, the dynamics of the team or players, and everything else to do with that sport.

Lastly, have an efficient bankroll strategy and be committed to it. This means you should plan exactly which sporting events to bet on, how much you are going to spend on the wager/stake, and how frequent you will be betting during a specific period.

Online Sports Bet FAQs

for more on sports betting FAQs players can check out casino games faq’s


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What is Sports Betting?

Sports Betting is another form of gambling where punters place wagers (or bets) on the outcome of a particular sports event. One may bet on which sports player/participant/team will win, or what position they will finish up at, etc.

What sports can I bet on?

The sports events that are most famous among the punters’ communities are Horseracing, Football/Soccer, Footy, Tennis, and Golf. These games have big tournaments periodically, and these tournaments rake in a great deal of international attention as well as money.

Is online Sports Betting Legal?

Yes. Online gambling as a whole is legal in the country, provided the online casino that is giving the service is located outside the border is licensed and often regulated. In this case, Players are not prohibited by law from having accounts and betting on their favoured sports players online.

Where can I go for safe and secure online Sports Betting?

Here at Jackpots Casino, we can assure you that our listed and featured online casinos are secure and trustworthy. We have good experience in this type of gambling and have relied on our expertise to select only the most reliable and honourable online casinos for our players. Start by searching through our list of online casinos, which offer safe transactions, secured information storage, various games and have legal licenses and regular audits. You will soon find your home of Sports Betting.

How can I improve my Sports Betting winning chances?

To better your winning chances, begin by making sure that you bet on a sport that you are very familiar with. This way, your bets are based on some viable knowledge. It will also help to keep track of all developments and trends of the sport, the movements of the players or participants, and general dynamics of the game. Lastly, having a healthy bankroll strategy will not only help you make wiser gambling decisions financially, but it also buys you more plat time.

What betting odds should I go for?

The betting odds to choose will depend on what sport it is, who is participating or which player(s) you are rooting for and what you know about them, the weather and of course your expertise in that particular sport. Your confidence on the side you are picking to bet on, and your knowledge about betting odds will be highly valuable in this. So do so research and get up to speed. On top of that, the experience truly is a good teacher; the more you bet, the better you get at mastering your betting odds.

How can I determine my winning potential using odds?

You can calculate your winning potential using the betting odds you chose easily. This will go a long way in helping you understand betting odds better. To determine what you would get in return if your bet wins, let’s suppose you bet on fractional betting odds of 4/1.

Online Sports Bet Glossary

Accumulator refers to a batch of more than two bets on various outcomes. The success of all bets adds up to the punter’s win.

Action:  bet of any sort.

Against the Spread: a wager on which team/player will cover the spread. This is not specific to who will win.

Bookie/Bookmaker: a company with a license to offer betting odds and take bets/wagers from gamblers.

Dog player: a punter who usually wagers on underdogs.

Edge: a sports better’s advantage.

Exposure: the highest amount of money that a book (sports betting book) may lose in a betting game.

Handicap: a system where the bookmaker evens out things between competing sides. This is to make it more attractive to punters to bet on. This is done by giving the weaker opponent an advantage at the beginning.

Handle: the total amount one has used on wagers.

Juice: the bookmaker’s profit from the bets. Bookmakers take a percentage of placed bets.

Over/Under: betting on the likelihood of the overall score of the teams going over or being under the predict amount.

Point Spread: a bet placed on the difference between the scores of the opponents, e.g. teams.

The Money line: a bet placed purely on which team/player will win, excluding all other variables.

The Spread: an advantage of, say, a few points given to a team to make things even between them and opponents.

Yankee: a type of wager that includes several various types of bets in it. An accumulator, four trebles, and six doubles in four different events selections. At least two of these selections must succeed for the punter to win.