Golf Betting – Know the Game

Golf betting is one of the most exciting gambling activities across the world.  The sport on its own is unique and most punters are choosing to bet on the game because it is believed to be a relaxing sport. As a result, golf betting is growing to be very popular in the gambling industry.

Throughout the years the fairness of golf betting has been in question. However, more and more gamblers are rooting for this type of sports betting. Learning how to bet on golf is not difficult – anyone can learn the game. Jackpots casino has got you covered with this golf betting guide. Read on to know more about this amazing sport.

Golf betting in Australia 2017

History of golf

Golf is an old sport. It has been around for many years and is still one of the popular sporting games in the world. Golf has been around since 1830. The first club maker and professional golf player recorded was Richard Taylor, and that was in 1889. Since then, golf has seen tremendous growth and women have also been playing professionally. To date, golf has become one of the most renowned sports.

history of golf betting in Australia

Top sites for golf betting

It is advisable for new bettors to start by learning how to play the game before they start gambling with real money. Below are the top sites for golf betting. There are also bonuses that gamblers can get when they sign up with one of the betting casino sites.

Golf betting futures and outrights

Futures and outrights bets allow punters to be able to place their bets weeks, months and months earlier. Most of the best that are allowed to be made in advance are for major golf tournaments and high profile golf events.

The following are the future/outrights markets for golf betting

  • To win a specific major tournament
  • winning any major tournament
  • winning a precise number of majors
  • Total number of major tournaments won
  • Best US money list
  • Qualifying for the Ryder Cup

Golf Betting Tournaments

Main championships are the highest prized titles in the profession of golf, and mostly offer a great variety of betting markets. Below are major golf betting tournaments.

US Masters

The first major championship and the most stylish championship. The US Masters is played at Augusta National in Georgia since the 1930s.

US Masters

U.S Open

The U.S Open is regarded as the most difficult championship of all of the major tournaments.

US Open

Open Championship

The Open Championship is also is known as the British Open. The oldest of all the championships with the inaugural title contested at Prestwick, Scotland in 1860.

Open Championship

Tips and Tricks of Golf Betting

Here are some tricks and tips that players should consider when wagering on golf,

  • Watch the weather- it is better to know about the weather before you can start gambling so that you can be aware of how to play your matches.
  • Do research- gamblers should do proper research on their players and make sure that players can play and do not have injuries. Search for their golfing history and if they have played in the past few months.
  • Manage your money- punters should make sure they don’t overspend. They only use the placed budget and don’t go overboard.
  • Try underdogs- it is sometimes a wise choice to give new players a shot. They might just surprise you.

How to Bet on Golf

There are two known ways of betting on golf. The first one being,

  • Select an event (e.g. Open Championships, USPGA)
  • Select the markets that you would like to bet on (e.g. Finishing positions Outright betting, Make/Miss the cut,)
  • Pick a player (e.g. Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth)
  • Make your stake
  • Place a bet

And the second one which is much simpler being,

  • Pick an event (e.g. USPGA, Open Championships)
  • Select a player (e.g. Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau)
  • Place your stake
  • Make a bet

how to be on Golf