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Online slots are very popular across the globe. They are the most played and enjoyed casino games.  Slots are very easy to play, and also it is very easy for gamers to win real money. Players can choose to play slots for fun. However, most casino players prefer gambling for real money than for free. Jackpots Casino has compiled a slots guide to help you get started. Slots have been around for decades, and even today gamers enjoy playing them. Great slots casinos offer players great games from top gaming software providers.

Know More about Slots

There are over a thousand web and mobile casino slots available for players to play. You don’t have to try all of them. However, we have made playing slots easy for you. We have compiled a list of slots that are fun and exciting for gamers to play. We have also listed all top online casinos that players can access their favourite online slots at. There are different slots for different players and players should choose slots that suit their pockets.

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How We Review Slot Games

Check how we at Jackpots Casino review Slot games that we feature below:

Software provider– we check if the game is from a reputable software provider and if it looks and feels enticing to players.

How the game works– we make sure that the game we feature functions correctly and if it can be able to make players come back to play more.

Fun feature- it is imperative that our readers can choose a game and be able to have a good time while playing it.

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Online Slots Symbols

Players should know what symbols are there on slots. Gamers should least get three symbols that connect to win a prize. When playing multi-payline slots players can win the game with symbols that are connecting diagonally and horizontally. Read on to find out more.


A symbol that is on standby for other symbols such as scatter symbol. The symbol is there to mimic symbols next to it and create a win.


Is a symbol that is used to unlock other fun features within the slot game.


Are lines that are on the reels which a payout will be given based on the winning combinations.


Smart symbols that multiply the cash amount you have won.

Online Slots Tips

  • Players should bet make bets on as many paylines as they can afford.
  • Rules are the most important aspect when it comes to playing online slots. Make sure you check the game’s rules and symbols before you start gaming.
  • Put the special features to use, such as lowering the volume or setting auto-spins.
  • Use free play mode to practice before playing for real money, to see which combinations work for you.

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Types of Slots Machines Available

Three-reel slot

The oldest type of slot with three reels, they have higher payouts but wins are rare.

Video slots

Newer online slots use ‘video’ animations, making them faster to play. These will also use higher quality graphics and newer technology.

Five-reel slots

These slots have five reels and more paylines, giving players more opportunities to match symbols. Five reel slots will also usually have extra bonus feature games for players.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive slot jackpots grow larger when players place the max bet. A small part of this bet is added to the jackpot and will keep growing until it is won. Then it will reset and another lucky player has a chance of winning a huge payout.

Mobile Slots

With technology bringing new developments every day, players can now play their favourite slot games on their mobile devices. Players can also gamble at anytime and anywhere as long as they have a strong network connection and compatible device.

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Find the best Online Slots Casino

There are thousands of sites being launched every day. Player’s should make sure that they play at an online casino that is safe and secure. We at Jackpots Casino are here to help you find the best online casino that will give you the best gaming experience. Check out our listed internet casinos for great sites to gamble at.

What out for progressive jackpots

We love slots, but players are advised to check them out in free play mode before they start playing. Some of the progressive jackpots have a lower payout percentage than other normal slots.

Online Slots Terms

To understand slots, you need to speak the lingo. Here are some of the terms used on slots.

Reels- it is the ‘spinning’ wheel in the slot machine.

Staggered payout– it is a significant amount of payout given to gamers that wager using a lot of money. This is common in progressive jackpots.

Symbols– it can be numbers, pictures, or letters on the reel used to determines the winning combinations.

Paytable– it is a chart that shows all winning rules, paylines, and combinations for slot games.

Random number generator– a program that is used in every slot machine to keep each game random and fair.

Online Slots FAQ

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