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Ever heard of a person being referred to as a High-Roller? This is a name given to a player who spends their money generously, usually on a lavish lifestyle. In gambling, the definition is the same, except this player frequently splurges a lot of money on high stake games or big bets, especially at High-Roller Casinos.

Such players are usually very wealthy individuals who can afford to spend this way, but they also play for much bigger winnings than other players. They are highly valuable to casinos, and thus tend to hold VIP status where they play. Similarly, many online High-Roller casinos cater to these ‘big money spenders,’ offering them specialised High-Roller games, bonuses and more for their loyalty and the risks they bear.

high roller casinos in Australia

High-Roller Casinos in 2017

At Jackpots Casino, we know our High-Roller player community is strict about where they spend their money and have their fun. Security, safety, reliability and maximum entertainment with some attractive fringe benefits sit at the top of the list when choosing an online High-Roller Casino. So we have some of the best online casinos with excellent quality offerings for High-Roller players.

High-Roller Casinos – The Makings of High Roller

High-Roller Casinos – The Makings of an Australian High Roller

High-Rollers, also referred to as VIP players, players get to enjoy a plethora of offerings tailored to their playing needs and a few extra stuff on the side. To become a VIP at one of our online casinos is a matter of which casino you are or wish to play at. So requirements may differ. However, the fundamental principle is that the more you spend on online casino games, the higher up you move in the ranks, and eventually, you reach VIP status. The frequency of your play also plays a crucial part.

High-roller Casinos Loyalty Programme

For instance, some online casinos will have a loyalty program within which players are ranked according to how often they play and how they bet. Beginning at the lowest tier of the program (which players have typically added to automatically from the time they sign up at the casino), the player can grow from this stage to the next level given they spend a certain amount of money within a given period. For some, the fourth and highest stage is the VIP tier, and once you have reached it, you are now a High-Roller.

Advantages of High-Roller Casinos

So just what do High-Roller Casinos offer those standard casinos do not? Well, as the name says, High-Roller Casinos are tailored for High-Rollers, offering them special bonuses, rewards, and high stake games. Having VIP status at a High-Roller Casino opens doors to the ultimate gaming experience like no other.

High-Roller Casinos – Games

Only VIP players can play and enjoy High-Roller Casino games. These games require high bet amounts, but even better, players stand a chance to bag big payouts and walk away with hefty winnings. Obviously, the amount of risk that High-Roller players bear when playing is of greater magnitude than usual, so High-Roller Casinos meet that chance with bigger wins.

Australian high-roller casino games

High Roller Casino games include:

  • High Roller Roulette
  • High Roller Blackjack
  • High Roller Baccarat
  • High Roller Slots

High-Roller Casinos – Bonuses and Rewards

High-Roller Casinos - Bonuses and Rewards

Online Casinos will typically offer an assortment of casino bonuses to players. Such bonuses like the welcome package are very popular among casinos. They are a reward for making the first deposit to the casino. With Online High-Roller Casinos, players are offered these in greater volume, but the most popular are Cashback bonuses and Match Deposit Bonuses. These bonuses come in large amounts as well, and sometimes they will be offered with low wagering requirements.

Other High-Roller Casino Benefits

Other High-Roller Casino Benefits

Credit advances

Once a player has reached their limit on the credit or debit card, it is game over for them. But not for High-Rollers/VIPs; these players are of utmost importance and status at the online casinos, and so they get to enjoy benefits that others will not typically have access to. So when they reach their ceiling in their accounts, the casino may grant them to continue playing on the casino’s account.

Quicker withdrawals

Our online High-Roller Casinos prefer to make way for High-Roller players to access their funds from the casino account as quickly and smoothly as possible. And since banking needs careful handling, the casino also provides VIPs with safe and secure ways to do their deposits and withdrawals. These come in the form of available e-Wallet services, Bank Wire transfers and much more. Additionally, as a High-Roller player, the online casinos tend to charge less or no cash-out fees and allow much higher withdrawal limits too.

Special Rewards and Gifts

One of the other very enjoyable aspects of being a VIP player at an online casino is the fact that you get to be spoiled with all kinds of gifts. From tickets to watch international sports events, other entertainment shows or even tangible gifts like gadgets, these put the cherry on top of being a VIP player.

Designated VIP Manager

On top of all the benefits mentioned above, VIP players are assigned their personal manager who will be their point of contact with the online casino. The VIP Manager will address their concerns, queries and communicate any new information with them. This makes for a more personalised and involved service, a real VIP treatment.

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