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Online Progressive Pokies have really captured the gamers’ market in a big way since they entered the gambling scene in the early 1990s. Originally being known as fruit machines, these games made their way onto the Internet through online casinos and quickly became popular. And now, we have Progressive Pokies paying out impressive winnings to lucky players. Over the years there has been a number of Australians turning into instant millionaires thanks to these treasured pokies.

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Online Progressive Pokies Australia 2018

Progressive Pokies are pokie games that have been built into a network of many, where each player’s bet contributes a percentage to a common jackpot. In effect, this results in an ever-growing jackpot. These jackpots are typically colossal, even going into the millions, because they continue growing in volume until a very fortunate player wins it.

Australian Pokies –  The History

Pokies first came to life in 1895 thanks to Charles Fey. This was in the United States. This first pokie game was called Liberty Bell. It wasn’t long after this that the phenomenon of pokies caught on in Australia, even at the time when it did, Gambling was illegal. Nonetheless, the popularity of pokie machines kept growing in underground gambling rooms. By 1953, an Australian, home-grown, pokie machine called Clubman had been created by a company named Aristocrat.

history of pokies in Australia

Pokie machines went full swing in Australia in 1956 following the legalization of gambling machines in licensed gaming outfits. Since then, pokie machines grew fancier and fancier, from being simple machines with three reels and a handful of paylines to having flashing lights, 5 reels, as many as 20 and more paylines. Pokies also went from being electromechanical to being video based, which happened in the 1980s.

Progressive Pokies in Aussie To Date

Today, pokies have become something of the norm and necessity in casinos, especially online casinos. These little treats developed from a basic and ‘primitive’ stage to offering larger payouts, vivid graphics, and impressive sounds, and of course, they are now available online through a home computer, and via Mobile devices like smartphones and tablet devices.

The Beginning of Progressive Jackpots

The technology advancements that have occurred over the years have also allowed for a new way of winning with pokies in Australia; Progressive Pokies. From the 1980s, game developers began fiddling with the idea of offering players a chance to win bigger with pokies.

Developers started connecting a few machines of the same game, building a linkage where each player’s bet contributes to a single jackpot of that game. These connections grew larger and larger and today the networks can get so large that each player’s contribution to the game’s jackpots quickly reaches millions of Australian Dollars.

If the jackpot keeps growing and growing without anyone winning it, which often happens, the eventual winner can easily end up a multi-millionaire. Progressive Pokies are one of Australia’s most effective ways for Aussies to have great fun and win big, especially since these games offer a more favourable edge to the player than other casino games.

Benefits of playing Online Progressive Pokies

Progressive Pokies are popular in Australia, and around the world for these following reasons:

The Big Jackpot

First and foremost it is hard to ignore or deny the attractiveness of Progressive Pokies’ huge winnings. The network structures of these pokies make it the ultimate millionaire-maker in gambling games. Furthermore, the more popular the casino game is, the bigger the jackpot tends to be. For example, Mega Moolah is a big hit among players, and thus it is known as the largest jackpot pokie game.

Ease of Play

Progressive Pokies are also very easy to play. They are just like playing any other pokie games, needing very little skill or proficiency in gambling. All you need is the basics of playing online pokies and a wager.

Beautiful Graphics

Pokies, including Progressive Pokies today, are stunning. Game developers have not left anything out in making sure these games as aesthetically appealing as possible. Progressive Pokies are designed with colorful and explosive graphics, and also feature engaging sound effects. They also have features like bonus rounds and Free Play multipliers which make payouts even larger, and more attractive.

Progressive Pokies Strategies

As mentioned before, playing Progressive Pokies is very simple. All you need is to choose a pokie game, select your coin size, number of coins and paylines, press ‘Spin’, and let the fun begin. With luck on your side, the winning combination and the jackpot will be yours, no skills or long playing history needed. Although this may be the case, there are things to keep in mind when aiming for that humongous jackpot, and a few ways to improve your chances of getting your hands on it.

Keep Track of Current Progressive Pokies

Be informed about the online Progressive Pokies that are currently around and decide which you want to pursue. Watch their jackpot growth and size, and go for the one that you connect with the most.

Know the Wagering Requirements

Every progressive Pokie will have requirements that you first have to fulfill in order to legible to win the jackpot. For instance, usually, you would have to bet the maximum amount set for the game. In some games, you could win with a minimum bet, but going for the maximum would push your luck further.

Get Strategic with Smaller Progressive Pokies

As often as possible, target smaller Progressive Pokies with jackpots that are sitting at hundreds of thousands since they are easier to win. The multi-million progressive jackpots pay out less often and are harder to nail.

Timing is Everything

When you do go for a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot, be strategic about your timing. When the jackpot is at an all-time high or at a point that attracts you, tackle the game before someone else comes in and whisks away the loot.

Other Progressive Pokie Tips

You can try playing the game with a minimum bet, leave it on auto-play while going on to another game. Check first if this is permissible in that particular progressive pokie.

Remember to have fun! Whatever you do, be sure to play a progressive pokie that gives you the playing satisfaction you want, it’s a game after all.

Strategies when playing Progressive Pokies in Australia

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