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Online Sic Bo is a game played by betting on the outcome of three rolled dice. Players make their wagers, and the dealer rolls the dice inside a box and then opens it to reveal the outcome. This game has been highly popular among the Chinese, who are thought to have invented it. But now it has spread to all corners of the world in the form of Online Sic Bo and is loved by many sic bo - Australia

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Looking Into the History of Sic Bo in 2018

Sic Bo has transcended time and many cultures, almost unchanged. This Chinese game has been around for about 1 900 years, being enjoyed by the Chinese people long before they even had paper. Sic Bo was then played with small painted rocks, dice, and tiles. The name Sic Bo is said to translate to ‘precious dice’ or ‘dice pair,’ then later giving off the idea that it may have been a two-dice game. Its other names are Tai Sai, Dai Siu, and Dai Sai, which mean ‘Big Small.’ The idea behind the game, however, remains the same.

history of online sic bo-Australia

Sic Bo voyaged to the United States through Chinese labourers and migrants who were working on the construction of the coast-to-coast railway back in the early 19th century. For a long time, it was only known to the Chinese people even during their working period in the states. However, between 1920 and 1940, with other influxes of labourers, the non-Chinese there finally got to know about the game.

Quite like Craps, Sic Bo was played like a carnival game in the States at that time. It went through modifications and was even renamed to Chuck-a-Luck and Birdcage, each having its differences to Sic Bo. In the United Kingdom, the game was also making waves and renamed to Grand Hazard. Irrespective of what was happening to the game of Sic Bo in other places, the Chinese preserved it as they know it. It made its way to all Chinese gambling establishments around the globe, gaining much popularity as it went.

Sic Bo Today

Sic Bo Today -Australia

As you have already picked up, Sic Bo has not changed much over the years, or at least, the attempted modifications did not influence the Chinese to alter the main game. So today Sic Bo is still played the same way it was in ancient times, of course now it has new dice and is played in casinos with all the fancy equipment. But the advancement of technology brought on an interesting twist to the way the world plays this game. The Internet has made way for online casinos, which in turn made way for Online Sic Bo.

Sic Bo players can now access this beautifully preserved gambling games straight from home, through their internet-enabled computers, and even through smartphones or tablets. At Jackpots Casino, we have gone to the trouble of compiling vital information regarding the best way to play Sic Bo and the online casinos that offer the finest experience of the game.

How to Play Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo remains faithful to the original concept and rule of game of Sic Bo. Australian players enjoy playing the game. Here is a breakdown of how this simple game is played online:

How to Play Online Sic Bo in Australia

  • The main objects of the game are the three, six-sided dice. You will be betting on the outcome of these rolled dice. That is, you predict the value that will show on each dice face, and on the total value.
  • You have to choose your bet before the dice are rolled. Understand your wagering (betting) options to this. The minimum and maximum betting limits will be displayed.
  • Then place your chips on the designated area of the online Sic Bo betting layout.
  • The virtual dealer will then roll the three dice and reveal the outcomes. If you win, the game will make the payout according to your bet. Should you lose, then the house (online casino) keeps the bet.
  • Once this is done, a new round of Online Sic Bo will launch.

Betting/Wagering Options of Online Sic Bo

Several possible wagers can be made on Online Sic Bo.

Betting/Wagering Options of Online Sic Bo-Australia

  1. First, you can bet on where the outcome will be Big or Small; Big being 11 to 17, and small being 4 to 10. The winning combination will include various numbers within the range, but if the dice roll identical numbers like 3-3-3, then it is a loss. You also bet on the total of the dice, predicting what exact number between 4 and 17 will be the total value of the roll.
  2. Secondly, you can bet on whether the outcome will be Even or Odd, on Triples, Doubles, and Combinations.
  • Even or Odd betting means you are predicting that the total dice value will either be an even or an odd number.
  • Doubles also referred to as Two of a Kind is when you are predicting that out of the three dice, two of them will roll the same number between 1 and 6.
  • Triples, also known as Three of a Kind, is when you are betting for all three Sic Bo dice will yield the same number lying between 1 and 6.
  1. Betting on the combinations includes:
  • Two Dice Combination where you predict that the outcome will be a combination of two specific numbers
  • Four Number Combinations, where you bet that four specific numbers will be part of the roll
  • Three Single Number Combination, a prediction of three different numbers
  • Single Dice Bet, where you are betting on one specific number between 1 and 6.

Strategies for Playing Online Sic Bo

With Online Sic Bo, you can choose if you want to go ‘High-Risk’ or ‘Low-Risk,’ and or course the high-risk bets have a greater reward potential. The best way to determine your preference is to judge what you can and cannot afford to lose.

Choose wagering options that minimise risk, but give you a good return. The more risky options like ‘Triples’ have attractive payouts of 150:1 or more, but the risk is very significant as well. So try to pair high-risk options with low-risk ones.

Make use of the Progressive Betting Systems like the d’Alembert, 1-3-2-6 Betting System, and the Labouchere Betting system. Used on low-risk wager options like Big or Small makes this strategy a good way to minimise losses, especially because they buy you time to lose without having to make up the money with big wagers until you start winning.

Progressive Betting Systems

d’Alembert – is based on the assumption that over time, the wins and losses you accumulate will equate. If you lose, you will need to increase your wager but only by one unit. But if you win, your wager is reduced by a unit.

1-3-2-6 Betting System – this system increases the bet as you win, instead of increasing with the wins. When achieved well, the losses will be offset by the wins.

Labouchere – this is somewhat the opposite of the 1-3-2-6 betting system where the wagers increase with the losses. It works on a series of a few numbers, where you bet on the first and the last numbers on the series. If you win, the numbers are cancelled out, and then you bet on the last two. Should you lose, the loss is added to the series, and you again bet on the first and last numbers of the series. This goes on until all of the figures have been cancelled out.

Glossary – Online Sic Bo

Any Double – a wager on the outcome of two matching dice also called Any Pair.

Any One Number – a wager on the prediction that a specific number will be rolled on at least one dice.

Any Triple – a wager on the outcome of all three dice matching also called Triple(s).

Betting Limits – the amounts one can wager from the least to the highest.

Big – a bet on the assumption that the outcome will be between seven and eleven.

Cage – a container used to shake the dice in before they are rolled, also can be Cup or Shaker.

Chuck-a-Luck – an American version of Sic Bo, also known as Birdcage.

Combination Bet – a wager based on the prediction that 2 out of the three dice will match two of the numbers the player set, also known as Two Faces.

Dai Siu – another name for Sic Bo translating to “Big Small.” Also known as Tai Sai.

Dice Face – a wager on the prediction that one of the dice will show a certain number.

Even – a wager on the outcome of an even number total.

Grand Hazard – a British version of Sic Bo, also called Birdcage.

Layout – marks on the Sic Bo table that indicate where the bets must be placed.

Lose On Any Triple – a Sic Bo rule that a Big or Small bet loses on a triple match outcome.

Lucky Dice – slang for Sic Bo.

Odd – a wager based on the outcome of the dice being an odd number.

Re-Bet – a bet or to bet the same as before.

Small – a wager on the dice outcome being between four and ten.

Spin – to shake/move the cage, cup or shaker before rolling the dice.

Three Dice Total – a wager based on the total value outcome of all three dice.

Three Single Number Combination – a bet on all of the three dice showing three specific numbers.

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