Ban on greyhound racing in New South Wales

The government of New South Wales (NSW) recently announced a complete ban on greyhound racing. Shortly after the announcement by the NSW Government, a similar one was made by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), also banning the sport. While neither government has announced exact dates for when the ban will come into place, it is expected to 12 months from now in July 2017, maybe a little earlier.


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Reasons behind the Greyhound ban

Back in 2015, a documentary aired on the ABC network that highlighted the animal cruelty that was taking place in the greyhound racing industry, as well as a great deal of cheating. The documentary has also pointed out how there hadn’t been any improvements in the industry in recent years. It was also announced after the documentary had aired that as many as 68 000 healthy animals were put down as they were unable to race competitively anymore.

The NSW and ACT governments quickly assembled special commissions to investigate further and decided that there is sufficient evidence of animal cruelty. The commissions also decided that the best course of action was to completely ban the sport. The NSW Premier, Mike Baird, said his government could no longer stand by and tolerate the widespread abuse of the dogs.

Difficult time ahead for greyhound industry

The news of the ban was quite a shock as it generates roughly $335 million in NSW, as well as 2700 full-time jobs and $179 million worth in wages. There will be many people whose lives will get a lot more difficult in the next 12 months, as it looks like they’ll lose their jobs.

Others are also criticizing the ban because it aims to save the lives of many greyhounds, but there are an estimated 20 000 racing greyhounds. It is likely going to be impossible to rehome all of them in the next 2 months, leading to concerns that a vast majority of these dogs could be put down.