MGM Resorts International Employs Scott Butera

One of the world’s biggest casino operators, MGM Resorts International, has announced that it has employed the top entertainment and hospitality executive, Scott Butera. Butera will work as the casino’s operative Interactive Gaming President. In addition to this, he will be helping the business grow its dominance in the developing American sports betting sector.

MGM Resorts International Hires Scott Butera

MGM Resorts International – Scott Butera

The Las Vegas-headquartered MGM Resorts International gave an explanation regarding the hiring of Butera follows last month. MGM Resorts International stated that Butera has more than 25 years of experience in finance and hospitality. This includes a spell as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas as well as Chief Executive Officer for Tropicana Entertainment Incorporated.

“Scott is joining the company at a really exciting time,” –said Corey Sanders, the COO for MGM Resorts International. That is responsible for more than 25 properties around the world including the Excalibur Hotel Casino in Las Vegas and Maryland’s recently launched MGM National Harbour. “Skill-based gaming is expanding exponentially and his experience will help us to dominate the field,” he added.

MGM Resorts International – Sports Betting

The casino operative announced that PASPA’s repeal represents a great development for the industry and that Butera will focus on implementing its own sports betting strategy. This is to help the company bring its industry-best sports wagering operations to new markets across the United States.

“As an industry leader in sports betting and cutting-edge interactive gaming offerings, MGM Resorts is well positioned to bring our decades of experience and also a well-earned reputation to new markets through the country,” -Sanders

Swiss Voters Legalize Online Gambling, But Block All Foreign Sites

Switzerland has now legalized online casino gambling. The new law intends to keep foreign operations from benefiting from the new legislation.

According to BBC, Swiss voters have voted above rates. The legislation is approved by Parliament to authorize certified Swiss online casinos. However, the internet access providers will block all foreign wagering sites.

Swiss Voters Legalize Online Gambling, But Block All Foreign Sites

Swiss Voters Legalize Online Gambling – Gambling Act

The new Gambling Act has won the support of 72.9% of electorates. This is according to last results, despite the accusations that the law takes full control of online censorship.

The law will take effect in 2019, moreover, it is going to be one of the strictest acts in Europe. It will only allow Swiss-certified casinos and gaming providers to provide gambling services. The government is trying by all means to tackle gambling addiction.

Both houses of parliament agreed to pass the legislation. Simonetta Sommaruga, Swiss Justice Minister has argued that the bans are essential to ensure obedience to the nation’s laws on gambling. Known addicts are also going to be blocked from engaging in online gambling.

The minister also said that Switzerland gamblers pour close to 250 million francs into foreign gaming sites. The government is losing a lot of money due to no in-country taxes and it doesn’t contribute to anti-gambling programs.

Swiss Voters Legalize Online Gambling – Oppositions

Those who are against the blocking of foreign gambling sites said that the government could have offered incentives to businesses that agree to be taxed. In addition, they also think that the referendum on the issue was being driven largely by big money from Swiss casinos. Those who stand to cash in big time from the prohibition on using the internet to place bets with their competitors.

Voters also rejected a law called the Sovereign Money Initiative according to per the BBC. Supporters branded the measure as reigning in the highly unstable world of global finance.

Caesars Windsor Strike is finally over – casino and union reach a deal

The good news is that Caesars Windsor strike is over and they will reopen their doors on Thursday morning. This is after they have been out of business for over 60 days due to a strike by 2,000 of its members and Unifor Local 444 that is employed by the casino resort.

The walkout took place on 5th of April where union members turned down a new contract offer from the casino company. The property had to close all of its operations due to the union representing close to 87 percent of Caesars Windsor’s 2,300 employee staff.

Caesars Windsor Strike is finally over - casino and union reach a deal

After more than 60 days the two sides have reached a three-year agreement that meets everyone’s expectations.

“Caesars Windsor is happy to announce the labor disruption has been resolved,” “We look forward to welcoming back our guests.”; the casino posted on its social media platform.

Caesars Windsor Strike – Casino

The resort had to cancel and also reschedule a number of Colosseum shows. Acts that have been rescheduled include Pitbull (taking place on June 23), Blink-182 (taking place on September 18), and also Brian Wilson (taking place on November 25).

Caesars Windsor is the city’s main tourist draw, and it also provides critical tax revenue to the government. Windsor’s tourism office estimations of the city are out with over $1.5 million in lost tax money due to the strike that lasted two months.

New Labour Terms Revealed

However, Windsor Star has attained issued brochures to the union members regarding the contract. This was to inform them about the new terms prior to the member-wide union voting’s.

The new contract says that Caesars Windsor will pay new employees a $1,600 signing bonus. Existing employees will get a general wage increase of $0.75 in one to two years. Moreover, they will also get a $0.25 increase in a year.  The new contract permits them  2,000 hours per year. The general wage increase bump on average will add about $3,500 more cash into the union members’ pockets over the three-year period.

Caesars Windsor Strike – the union

After union members have rejected the two earlier proposals from Caesars. Unifor said that the latest offer received about 75% support. Caesars Entertainment, which is the parent company to Windsor casino that is based less than a mile from Detroit across the US-Canada border, also signed a deal in Las Vegas with Nevada’s largest union that stopped the strike at eight of its gaming houses.


Dave Cassidy, Unifor President, said that he is confident that customers will return to Caesars. He went on to say that “customers know that Caesars Windsor is the way it is because of our membership. They’re first class.” Cassidy concluded that “Caesars Windsor is the brand, but our membership in the face. They give the best service. They’re the best in the business.”

Gambling website games that are based on fairytales get banned

Advertising body decides to ban gambling games which feature fairies and wolves that are likely to entice children. Games named Fairies Forest and Fairytale Legends on gambling sites are banned.

One of the sites, the promoted the three gambling games Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood, Fairies Forest and Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel this past January. The games featured animated pictures of a pixie and a fairy in a forest with a wolf.

Gambling website games


Gambling website games – Campaign

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling complained about the content of the ads. They said that the content is attracting children. ProgressPlay that trades as has responded to the complaint. The gambling website has now made the games only accessible to members when they log in to their accounts. They have also made sure that they remove images of fairies and other inappropriate characters.

Moreover, said the gambling games were created by a third-party software firm. The games appeared on some other sites that are run by different gambling operatives.

Gambling website games – The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Advertising rules do state that gambling adverts must not be of particular appeal to young people and children. This is especially when they are reflecting or associating with the youth culture. However, The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) appreciates the action that took in response to the complaint.

The ASA also did notice that Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood was based on the children’s fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. The game also included an animated image of a wolf and a fairy. The Hansel and Gretel game features a moonlit forest with gameplay stars and gambling coins.

“We have considered that the appearance of the wolf resembles similar characters from TV programmes and films aimed at under 18s, mainly children.”

The ASA concluded that all the gambling games were more related to kids so the website must remove the games. There was another similar complaint about a different gambling site. The games that appeared on and have been banned as they related more to children as well.

The European Cup Final 2018

Two of the biggest teams in the world went head to head Saturday night for the European cup final. Arguably one of the most anticipated matches before the FIFA World Cup tournament, it was anybody’s game. Football fans all over the world were watching the game with anxiety. The most memorable moments from the 2018 UEFA Champions League final were documented and history was made.

European Cup Final - Real Madrid vs Liverpool


Real Madrid took on Liverpool

There was victory and excitement for Los Blancos. Meanwhile, pain and misery followed Liverpool. The 2018 UEFA Champions League final that took place between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Kiev, Ukraine was a lively event and one of the most long-awaited European finals rematch of all time.

Bale’s Goal

The first goal came in the most bizarre fashion. Liverpool shot-stopper Karius tried to pass the ball to the adjacent teammate, only for the German international to throw the ball to the opposition. The second goal came when Karius failed to stop Bale’s brutal strike. The keeper’s butterfingers and ill-disciplined save saw the soccer ball hit the back of the net, making it a 3-1 for Madrid. Gareth Bale wonder goal was the final straw that broke Liverpool’s hearts.

Gareth Bale’s ‘Un-Bale-vable’ overhead kick made headlines and created a lot of media buzz for the Real Madrid attacker. Unfortunately, Salah was substituted in the first half after a terrible shoulder injury that could see him possibly miss the FIFA World Cup 2018. Liverpool’s goalkeeper had a rough one last night.

The game had everything from sobbing players to chanting supporters and Real Madrid got their 13th European title.

European Cup Final –Mo Salah took down

Liverpool’s Egyptian king, Mo Salah, and Africa’s top player saw his European desires fade away. The Liverpool striker had to leave the game due to a shoulder injury. The injury took place after he was taken down with what was later dubbed a WWE arm lock from Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

Liverpool played a different game after Mo Salah was taken out. It is not confirmed if it was Madrid’s way of neutralizing Liverpool by taking Salah out or it was accidental. It was very heart-breaking to see Salah leave the pitch.

States want to keep the Federal Regulation out of Sports Betting

Sports gambling leagues want sports clubs to be seen as the federal level. However, the State gambling watchdogs are against the proposals made by major sports leagues.

A statement was issued on Tuesday on behalf of the four state regulators by the International Centre for Gaming Regulation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The statement reads – “coordinated action among jurisdictions states and tribal agencies is the key to stop illegal betting and possible corruption of the sports themselves.”

sports gambling

Although the officials did welcome “strong support from federal-level enforcement agencies,” they also took a direct swipe at the leagues, most suggested that wagering houses should pay a fee to the leagues. This will be for the right to use their data for gambling online. The leagues also thought that the fee will help pay for new measures to safeguard against match-fixing and improper betting.

Sports gambling fees

There is also a reliability fee that will increase legal sports betting costs. While the statement was signed by the gambling control officials of four states Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, and Louisiana. Some of the states also seem to agree to the suggestion of federal oversight.

“We strongly believe in a regulatory body in conjunction with other states, and believe that could work much better than the federal government taking over the reins,” said Raymond J. Lesniak.

Mr. Lesniak said, “We have been very clear: We’re not going to pay one dime of tribute to the leagues.”

Managing director of Gambling Compliance, an independent research service, James Kilsby, said that states see offers that sports wagering falls under federal control as an infringement on states’ rights.

“All forms of gaming have historically been regulated at the state level,” Mr. Kilsby said.

Sports gambling overview

Existing forms of illegal sports betting involves an internet-connected device or a website, with data. This is for scores and statistics that pass easily over international boundaries and the states. The first sports game regulation laws that conditions pass are expected to tie betting and online. In addition land-based institutions such as horse tracks and casinos.

Legal Blunder Could Derail the Online Gambling Mogul David Baazov Trial

Quebec’s securities regulator disclosed over 300,000 documents to defence by mistake. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) shared a lot of information in its court battle against David Baazov, the former online gambling mogul. It is now believed that the legal mistake could destroy the trial.

Legal Blunder Could Derail the Online Gambling Mogul David Baazov Trial

Gambling mogul David Baazov

Baazov is the former CEO of Amaya based in Montreal. Baazov and two men, along with three firms face charges of insider trading that are connected to Amaya’s $4.9 billion acquirements of PokerStars in 2014. The Montreal based online gaming magnate is charged with insider trading charges.

Amaya so far has moved to Toronto and it has since changed its name to The Stars Group. The deal that took place in 2014 has made Amaya the world’s leading online poker firm. The tycoon is facing five charges, including manipulating or trying to influence the market price of Amaya’s securities.

Gambling mogul David Baazov – the Battle

Baazov’s lawyers want the charges to be continued, moreover, they accuse the AMF and its lawyers for an abusive procedure. What is the AMF’s wrongdoing?  It incorrectly shared over 300,000 confidential documents with the defence.  And six weeks into the trial, The AMF’s wants the files back.

On the 15th of May, AMF lawyers wrote to the defense and explained the issue.

“Following certain verifications, the AMF has noted that some of the divulged elements … are potentially privileged,” the email reads.

“As a result, we ask the judge to make an order so that they are removed from disclosures,” it continues.

The defence then filed a motion to request a stay of charges for all offenses.

“The defendants — who are entering week six of a trial which will require at least 12 more weeks before the parties complete their proof — will no longer have access to more than 320,000 documents which had been disclosed to them,” the motion reads. “Denying defendants access to such evidence in the middle of an ongoing trial violates their fundamental constitutional rights,” it continues.

“The repeated errors committed by the AMF in matters wholly within its control to the inevitable conclusion that only a stay of proceedings can put an end to these abusive proceedings,” it concludes.


Quebec court Judge Salvatore Mascia rejected a defence motion in January to have the charges thrown due to an irrational delay to get them to trial.

USA Online Casino partners with top casino brands

USA Online Casino is giving it their best to provide their customers with great entertainment. So far they have managed to partner with the world’s top brands to make sure that all their players get enough information and offer from the casino.

The partnerships will make sure that online casino players get up to date info on the gambling industry. Online gamblers will also get full online gambling reviews that pass strict criteria. In addition, the partnerships will also consist of quality bonuses, detailed information on fast and secure payout options.

USA casino online

Top-Listed Online Casinos at USA Online Casino

The USA Online Casino has a strong understanding of gambling needs, especially the security of a gambler. There are stories about casinos with weak security and player’s data being stolen. However, USA Online Casino ensures that players have access to online gambling sites that offer a safe and secure gambling environment. Every casino that they list, they check it thoroughly with USA Online Casino. This is to make sure that the sites listed they review and regulate by a reputable independent third party.  An online casino that doesn’t pass the vetting processes, is automatically excluded.

USA Online Casino – Online Gambling

Internet gambling players can rest easy and be certain that online gambling sites that are on top online casinos they do have a license.

A spokesperson for USA Online Casino commented about the partnerships and said, “All the casinos featured use the latest industry-standard encryption technology to ensure players’ personal data always remains completely safe and secure. players to have a good time, but not at the expense of safety or quality. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect balance and that requires the right blend of cutting-edge content. Also ground-breaking new releases, and player rewards.”


USA Online Casino plan’s to continue with their promise to players. They will be forging new partnerships with casinos that offer gamers the best in bonuses, free chips, and spin features.

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands to build a new Hotel

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands; a gaming site located in Peterborough got the green light to open a hotel across from their gambling casino. The gambling venue got approved from the Thousand Islands and the Township of Leeds to commence with construction. The Wingate by Wyndham hotel will contain four stories and 78 guest rooms.

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands

The four-story hotel will have guest space and also a meeting room with a lounge and a lobby. In addition, there will also be an indoor pool and spa area. Out of all of the rooms, 18 will be considered to be for an extended stay. They will also include a kitchenette and a living room. The rooms will be for visitors who need to stay on-site for a lengthy time.

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands- Approval

A common vote was given by the Township council concerning the rezoning and also an official plan alteration to allow the construction of the hotel to start. The council plans on passing their formal support this week.

The 60,547-square-foot structure will be located diagonally to the County Road 2 from the Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands. This is the former MacNeil Park Lane trailer park which closed in 2016. The site is zoned to house a trailer park, however, the council chose to rezone the land and allow the hotel to be built. The council had to surrender a height restriction of 12 meters for the rezoning approval. This is for the hotel to be two meters higher. The contractor agreed to upsurge the distance of the building from the closest neighbors in response to the change.

The owners of the hotel hoped to use sewer services and Gananoque water for the property. However, the cost to encompass the line was too much. The town could not be able to use the existing lines to source the hotel with the capacity it needed. Moreover, enlarging the lines will be costly. The contractor will use a private system for good water and septic needs.

Hired experts by the township with plans for further appraisal during the site plan have been approved.

NetEnt launches a Netent Live Sports Roulette

The leading gaming solutions provider, NetEnt has introduced a new addition to its live casino gaming profile. This is after they have introduced a new slot gaming option last week. Live Sports Roulette is the new game that will be launched on the 14th of June 2018. The game offers casinos the ability to give a new roulette option to casino players during the World Cup.

NetEnt launches a Netent Live Sports Roulette

Netent Live Sports Roulette

The Live Sports Roulette game is an enticing football experience not to miss.  The game allows players to stay up-to-date with the scores. In addition, players can also get updates of the World Cup in real time. All this can take place while playing the roulette game. Roulette dealers will comment on the World Cup games as a live sports feed plays during gameplay. Also information on the game schedule, a recap of game statistics and group tables.

The new game will be available for players on mobile and desktop. The game also allows players to follow the World Cup. This is something that has never happened before.

Netent Live Sports Roulette – World Cup tournament

During the World Cup tournament, NetEnt will offer a first-hand promotion alongside the new game. Goal Smash Roulette will be a two-part race and it will offer bonus rewards each day. There will also be a prize drawing from a pool of $119,055.75. The competition will take place from the 14th of June to the 15th of July. Casino operators will have to opt-in before May the 16th. Hurry up, do not miss out!

NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Henrik Fagerlund said that Live Sports Roulette offer an immersive football experience. Players also enjoy the gaming provider’s live game. The world cup is just around the corner, this is the best time to introduce Goal Smash Roulette to players. Moreover, to give players a chance to win prizes daily and to stay on top with the action during the event.

Casinos will have the aptitude to opt-in to the fresh roulette game and access promotions that are related during the World Cup.


NetEnt live players do not have to worry about experiencing any problems relating to the new gaming choice. When the World Cup ends, the technology will still be available for roulette gaming.