Christchurch Residents Face Extreme High Problem Gambling Rates

A great amount of poker machines in the territory of Christchurch has led to an increased rate of gambling addiction among residents. The massive number of pokies within the city have been blamed for the quick spreading gambling addiction. However, some people think that problem gambling addiction is over-represented in Christchurch.

gambling addction in christchurch

Christchurch and Gambling Addiction

The levels of gambling addiction have been slowly dropping across the city. In fact, the number of gamblers that seek help for dealing with gambling addiction remains high. Based on the statistics of players that have come forward to seek professional help with their gaming addiction. As a result, this has made experts claim that problem gambling is over-represented in Christchurch city.

Christchurch  and the Latter

There is a latter that has been released to give thorough information to the city council. The intention is to help make regulatory performance and for the committee to make its decision to approve the policy. The latter aims to prevent any gambling licenses, under which gaming on pokies in local pubs and clubs is allowed.

More People Look for Help Dealing with Problem Gambling

A total of 1,207 people requested help with their addiction to gaming in 2017. The figure represents a rate that is 2% greater than the national average.

At present, a total of 1,332 slot machines are available in 86 sites in the city. This means that only Tauranga city has a bigger number of slot machines per head of population. Christchurch remains in the second position with the number of slots available.


Problem gambling is currently the biggest issue in most cities. However, there are ways that players can also fight against gambling addiction. Not to forget that the first step to healing is admitting that you do have a gambling addiction problem.

Yggdrasil Gets into the Czech Republic iGaming Market with Tipsport Deal

The leading provider of higher gaming solutions for iGaming operatives, Yggdrasil Gaming premieres its suite of top-notch, ground-breaking online casino games in the most regulated iGaming market of the Czech Republic. This is after they have signed a content deal with Tipsport.

The Beroun-based Tipsport is the biggest gaming agency in the Czech Republic. They have an upwards of 1,000 outlets across the nation in Central Europe. The firm’s online offers are expanding quickly. Moreover, with the present deal, they will feature some of the developer’s prime slot gaming games. This will include recently released titles; Vikings Go to Hell and Tut’s Twister.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming In-game promotions

Furthermore, the fixed-odds gambling operator will use Yggdrasil’s BOOST, the company’s exclusive range of in-game advertising tools. Having been launched in 2015, BOOST will empower Tipsport to run its promotions within the game customer. In addition, it will heighten the players experience through the use of configurable money races, missions, and in-game tournaments.

Czech Republic Players can expect to see Yggdrasil gaming games go live in the coming months. It will be in complete compliance with the state’s requirements.

Czech Republic – New Legislation

The New gambling legislation was made official by the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech parliament in 2016. The new legislation permits foreign-based operatives to attain gambling licenses in the Czech Republic.

Licensed and Regulated Markets

Yggdrasil’s gaming offers live gaming in several regulated and lately regulated markets including Italy, Latvia, the UK, Estonia, Belgium, and Denmark.

Fredrik Elmqvist, Chief Executive Officer for Yggdrasil Gaming said: “In February we signed a deal to enter Spain, Europe’s fastest-growing and exciting jurisdictions. Today we announce our entry to the Czech Republic with the leading brand Tipsport.”

“As part of our long-term strategy, we commit to expanding our regulated market impression. If we feel that an environment is good for our top games and also promotional tools, then we will surely get to it with the best partners,” Elmqvist.


This is going to be one of the best deals that haappen, it is a great move and also promises the best. We are here to see what more this two big teams can bring to the players across the globe.

IGT launches a new Ghostbusters

IGT, also known as International Game Technology, one of the leading Gaming machine innovator announced the launch of its fresh 4D video slot game. Ghostbusters 4D video slot is a land-based video slot game that features the most advanced gaming technology. The advanced mechanism allows players to experience the three-dimensional graphics without using peripherals.

IGT launches a new Ghostbusters

IGT Utilized True Technology

The London-headquartered International Game Technology announced their great work through a press release. They revealed that its Ghostbusters 4D slot exploits its very own True 3D technology. Moreover, the game also offers numerous clips from the 1984 paranormal comedy motion depiction upon which it is themed.

Created in partnership with Columbia Pictures Industries Incorporated and Sony Entertainment Incorporated, the game also features cameras that track player’s head and eye actions. This is to allow characters from the movie such as Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Terror Dogs to appear right in front of their eyes.

More on the Ghostbusters 4D Slot

IGT also declared that Ghostbusters 4D slot additionally utilizes mid-air haptic skill to permit fans in its Ballroom Blaster Bonus play. This enables players to use their fingers as a proton blaster and comes complete with an itchy sensation.

The game innovator also explained that the new Ghostbusters 4D game is made available to gamers. Also at the Bear River Casino Resort and Graton Resort and Casino in California and The D Las Vegas, Albuquerque’s Sandia Casino.

Lastly, IGT revealed that its newest innovation will be made available in its CrystalCurve True 4D cabinet that features a 50-inch portrait-orientated upper top-notch video screen with a lower 32-inch complement. IGT also disclosed that the advanced innovation comes complete with a multimedia sound chair that gives players ability to engrave settings along with volume and seat rumble. Check it out today!

Crown Resorts sues NSW Government for Barangaroo casino views

Crown Resorts launched legal action against the New South Wales government. The issue is over its new Sydney casino based in Barangaroo. They are claiming that another development at the precinct lurks views from its casinos to the Sydney Harbour.

Crown Resorts

Crown Resorts and NWS Government

Crown, reported an improved profit on Thursday and also accuse the Barangaroo Delivery Authority of failing to meet its obligations to Crown to discuss other developments at the area.

“These duties include consulting with Crown casino about every request for the proposed area of Central Barangaroo. The request that varies from that which was given for in the pertinent Plan for Barangaroo in existence. This was at the time that the Crown Development Contract was entered into, and also negotiating in good faith. Moreover, agreeing with Crown Casino and Lend lease any obligatory changes to that request to ensure sight lines from the Harbour Bridge to the Sydney House are recalled for the Sydney Hotel Resort.”

According to Crown Casino

Crown casino says it still remains on track to finish the new casino in the first half of 2021 financial year. In 2016 December, Millers Point residents in Sydney had lost their court case to prevent the building of a second casino on the Barangaroo site, which was reserved as a public park. Crown has not yet given a detailed statement on any specific development application that threatens to obstruct its views.

Mr.Packer quit the Crown board early this year after citing mental illness. He bought two floors for residential of Crown casino under-construction Sydney building for about $60 million. There is a lot that is taking place at the moment and Crown has also been in the news. We can only hope that all is going to be good and the casino is also going to do great. pens a supply deal with Spigo, a top online casino operator, has entered into a supply deal with Spigo, an independent online gambling software provider. The provider will see its slots content integrated in the online casino. The deal with the Danish company not only grows’s portfolio it keeps its goal which is to provide players with a broad range of casino games. pens a supply deal with Spigo and Spigo

Players can play Spigo’s games on any device for entertainment and also for real money. The gaming developer’s content features numerous multiplayer and single-player card-based and dice-based gambling games. Although at first Videoslots will be integrating its popular pokie titles such as Starlight, Tropicana, and Showers.

This partnership will also see players be able to access Spigo’s top-notch titles on both desktop and mobile. The games also feature additional spins, extra games, dynamic jackpots and also a collection of exclusive bonus games.

William Ahlberg, Head of Games for Videoslots said “Spigo has made a name for itself from creating top quality, entertaining games and we’re sure that players will enjoy the additional selections that this partnership will surely deliver.

“With an early roll-out of proven pokie titles, we will follow up with the addition of content in the next coming months.”

“We’re very happy to deliver our adored pokie machine games to Videoslots. They did prove themselves as one of the most ground-breaking online gaming sites around and we also look forward to a fruitful partnership in the future”, added Caroline Maciel, Spigo’s Sales Manager.

“Our diversity of game genres boasts premium graphics, exciting bonus features.  In addition enjoyable gameplay and we’re sure Videoslots gamers will also enjoy the games on offer.”

Overview agreed to a deal that will see it integrate live casino offers that include blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Also with three dream catcher, card poker and casino hold’em, from Evolution Gaming Group.

Crown Casino’s License Renewed In Spite Concerns Over Problem Gamblers

Crown Casino must make sure that it improves its responsible gambling efforts and defiance. Victoria’s gaming regulator has renewed Crown Casino’s license despite the apparent concerns over problem gamblers. Crown Casino was fined after two juveniles were found gambling. Moreover, the casino needs to have a new and refreshed strategy to use for problem gamblers. The casino was criticised for its “lack of innovation” in its method of responsible gambling.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino – How It Is Losing It

Crown Casino is one of the best casinos known across the world. However, so far it seems to be losing the plot and losing the trust of the people. If the casino does not up it’s game, it might end up getting more problems and troubles.

“Such as might now be obligatory of a world-leading operative to meet increasing community and regulatory prospects,” the review from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) said.

Crown Casino Fines

With all that is taking place at Crown Casino, the review says that the casino still remains suitable to hold the casino license. The VCGLR tinted record fines for the Casino for breaking gaming laws. That included a $300,000 fine for removing betting selections on 17 of its poker machines without authorization, known as “blanking buttons”.

Crown Casino denies all allegations that anti-money laundering provisions were ignored, however, the regulator did recommend that rules and practices would be reinforced.

Children Gambling and Children Left in Car Parks

Crown has been fined over a total of $560,000 for eight compliance breaches that include allowing minors to gamble. In 2017, the VCGLR fined Crown Casino $150,000 for 13 instances of failure to comply with the state’s regulations.


There is a lot that Crown has to do to improve and bring its reputation and image back to good books. However, it is not going to be easy but it has to be done. The casino is always getting fined for failing to manage smaller issues. Which is not good.

Omnia Casino, an AI-driven compliance-first casino lauch

The World’s first 100% Artificial Intellect gaming operator goes live. Omnia Casino is the first ever global artificial intelligence-built and compliance-led gaming casino. The casino offers players ultimate fun, rewards and also responsible gambling experience. Omnia casino was founded in December 2017 by a number of senior gaming executives. They have a successful track record when it comes to launching and running main mobile and online casinos. Sam Hobcraft, former Director of Gaming at Betfair and MD-Casino at PokerStars are also some of the executives that are involved in the casino.

omnia casino

Omnia Casino – How It Was Built

Omnia was built with the use of the latest AI software and tech stack to reward gamers and ensure that they are always playing responsibly. The mobile-first casino purposely designed its responsible gaming functionality, such as the deposit limits to be upfront, clear and easy and also customer-friendly as possible.

The next expansion phase that will take place later this year will see players prompted to set a deposit limit immediately when they register. This is to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times.

Omnia Casino offers

The casino’s transparent offers and rewards system is an industry first, also including ‘Omnia Coins’. They are a unique loyalty arrangement that enables casino gamers to earn Omnia coins when they play any game. You can change Omnia coins in the Omnia store.  Players are also able to play real money games and get to win up to £5 million.

“We believe players also deserve a superior, more fun and responsible online casino experience. Moreover, players can exchange Omnia Coins for bonuses. In addition Omnia Casino will allow players to exchange Coins for things such as electrical items and merchandise.

The motivation to build a compliance-led and 100% AI-driven casino was about mindset and starting as a mean to go on. AI is continually evolving, and it is to make the casino a more personalized and fun experience, with a strong focus on obedience. AI makes sure that problem gamblers can also be detected early.

“It is also about modest advantage. We present gamers with accountable gaming features because these casino players are loyal. Omnia is beautifully designed, a mobile-first casino where the gameplay is enhanced with exclusive rewards and first-class customer service.

“We want Omnia gambling site to be a site that other players can recommend to friends.”

Canada’s Online Gambling Under Threat

The US Courts rule in favour of increasing online gambling selections, Canada’s online gambling is heading is taking a different route. Canada’s gambling industry is projected to have made profits of $17.3 billion CAD in 2017. In addition, it is continuing to grow at a faster pace.  To date, it is legal in Canada to place betting’s online as long as the gambling site or the poker site does not have a physical casino in the country.

Canada’s Online Gambling Under Threat

This has been one of the concerns for provincial casinos such as, PlayOLG, and Espacejeux. They are the only operatives that are licensed to operate in the country.  Moreover, it is also a worry for legislators who see CA players gaming with foreign sites as lost tax income. The Quebec legislature passed Bill 74 in 2016. It includes a provision that will force the online Service Providers to block international online casino operatives.

Canada’s online gambling – Loto-Quebec

The provincial gambling body in Quebec runs, an online gambling site that requires players to reside in Quebec. More prominently, EspaceJeux’s profits are passed to the provincial government. Also, lotteries and land-based casino profits are passed to the government and they are also regulated.

Canada’s online gambling – The Loss of Revenue

Simon Stern from said that up until 2016, Loto-Quebec has specified on the record that they were taking a lot of money, this means that their Return to Player (RTP) was lower than competing worldwide based casinos. They were also unable to grow quickly to be sustainable due to casino gamblers having easy selections to play online games anywhere they wanted. Competition is aggressive internationally and biggest online casinos have great revenues to offer large welcome bonuses and outstanding RTPs.

Canada’s online gambling – The legislation

Quebec simply had to introduce legislation to be able to eliminate the competition by forcing ISPs to block international websites. In 2016 Bill 74 was passed with the provision. For the Quebec bill to work, loto- Quebec has to give a list of more than 200 online gambling sites that ISPs within the province to be blocked.


The most visited online casinos from Quebec include, PokerStars, and LeoVegas. The law had a lot of time to prepare months an appropriate framework to achieve the goal. All other online sites will be blocked in the province and the ISPs will be responsible for blocking them.

Lightning Box launches a New Legend of Sleepy Hollow Themed Slot

Lightning Box, an online gaming creator, announced the release of a new online gaming slot. The slot game will be released momentarily. It is based on the classic Legend of the Sleepy Hollow. Lightning Horseman is a five reel, 40-payline slot game with a spooky theme. The game includes a 95.5% return to a player percentage. The game will be launched exclusively through Betsson on the 25th of July, then on August 8th, the game will be released to the general public.

Lightning Box launches a New Legend of Sleepy Hollow Themed Slot (1)

Lightning Horseman Slot Features

There are a number of things gamblers should look out for when they give the game a try. First, lightning bolts provide additional spins if six or more are on the reels. Fifteen lightning bolts trigger a Flippin’ Re-trigger special feature that offers re-flipped Lightning Bolts to provide extra cash for gamblers. The scatter symbol is the lightning bolt.

Symbols found in the slot game keep in line with the Sleepy Hollow theme with a red-caped lady, a raven, a man with a lantern, a treasure chest, and the infamous covered bridge. The base symbols comprise of the traditional card symbols of the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The wild symbol is the horseman who substitutes all symbols of the slot excluding the scatters.

When six or more features are found on the reels, the special lightning bolt bonus gets activated. With every extra symbol that appears in the additional spin round, the reels reset the spins back to three. Players are able to get a top deal of extra free spins.

Lightning Box Jackpots

Four jackpots are included in the slot game, the Minor, Mini, Grand, and Major. Take a spin and get lucky at Betsson this July. Luck might be on your site. Give the game a try today for some lucky win and fun gaming online.

SkillOnNet partners FortunaGaming

An agreement between SkillOnNet, an iGaming software provider, and the UK-based operative FortunaGaming will launch a white-labeled online casino. The Malta-licensed casino features over 1,200 game titles from a number of suppliers of video slots. Some of the top gaming software supplier’s include NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, and Microgaming. This top gaming software providers are said to operate on the software provider’s platform. In addition, they will be joining and brands.

SkillOnNet partners FortunaGaming

SkillOnNet partners FortunaGaming – The Online Casino

Back office solutions with a payments gateway, CRM tools and also a casino marketing engine have already been provided by the SkillOnNet platform. Moreover, the new online casino will bring to the brand a medium-term plan for Television and also above-the-line campaigns. In addition, there will also have their own in-house SEO, PPC and other forms of digital marketing systems.

Jerry Land, the vice president for B2B Solutions at SkillOnNet said that Casino is new in a line of online casino brands. But it will be opened through the SkillOnNet platform.

“With proven successes such as DrueckGlueck, PlayOJO, PlayMillion, and Megacasino, it’s no wonder other brands want to leverage our experience and expertise. Moreover our state of the art online casino platform. “Cozino comes hot on the heels of other new brand launches including Finnish-themed casino AhtiGames. In addition, internationally marketed, with more planned over the coming months,” said Land.

The chief executive of FortunaGaming, Scott Manford, said, “We are happy that is now live on SkillOnNet platform. This brand has been a long time in the making, as we wanted something really new, fresh and exciting. But which encompassed all of the important performance elements and features that attracted us to SkillOnNet in the first place.”

Overview is the most recent brand to be launched by Fortuna Gaming, which operates 666 Casino Brands, Barbados Bingo, Easy Slots, Slots Baby, Wizard Slots and Mega Reel and Dream Jackpot.