New Zealand Poker Machines Make the Biggest Community Donations

The Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand has released a number of documents with the latest gambling figures for the quarter that finished in June 2018. According to the information about the Gambling Machine Profits generated by the state’s venues, more money was produced by poker machines.

The stats that were released by the Department of Internal Affairs, the Gaming Machine Proceeds rose in contrast to the outcome that was generated over the same quarter a year. This was before they reached a total of NZ$6,846,240. In addition, it became clear that a 3.1% increase in the game machine earnings from pokies brought additional funds to local communities.

New Zealand Poker Machines Make the Biggest Community Donations

New Zealand Poker Machines Giving back to the Community

More than 90% of remaining proceeds are reported to have been taken back to the local public. Also, the remaining generated funds being redirected to the regional and national areas. Such contributions make a positive change to a great number of local societies. Most of the communities would suffer and fail to continue working without such funding’s.

New Zealand Poker Machines – Statistics

DIA released a number of reports. The first one showed the suburb level of GMP and EGM for the 2018 April-June quarter. All amenities in the clusters by area in a larger region were listed. The second report included a list of sites per cluster as of the newest economic quarter including key information about venue clusters. The 3rd report gives data about the gaming machine profits using the number of gambling machines. The report does not offer any statistics for locations that feature more than 18 machines or one pokie.


The Gaming Machine Association of New Zealand shared its gratification with superior returns to local groups. The Association clarified that it remains worried about the tenacious decline registered in the number of sites. Also, poker machines are included in the statistics.