Macau Government Releases New Smoking Lounge Rules for VIP gamers

Macau government announced the details for VIP smoking lounges within the gambling institution of Macau. This follows by the approved legislation in July by Legislative Assembly. The new legislation states that venues have to conform to the new law on smoking in public areas. This law will prohibit smoking in the VIP gambling spaces. However, casino operators may install free of gaming smoking lounges in the high-roller gambling areas.

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Macau – More on the New VIP smoking Law

Slot machines and gaming tables must be three meters away from the entrance to smoking lounges. The distance can be condensed to two meters should there be a wall that separates the smoking lounge from the casino. Gamblers can play games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, slots and other gambling games’

Under the new rules, every smoking area should have a single entrance. The casino can add sliding doors with an automated system that opens and closes. Installation of smoke alarms will have to be installed. Smoking will be suspended when they have to clean the areas. Cleaning staff will wear masks that protect them to make sure that they are safe from any hazardous tobacco.

Macau Health Bureau

The Health Bureau will be regulating and authorizing smoking lounges in casinos. Casino operators will have to include data that explains the dangers of smoking.  This will be more of promoting healthy lifestyle between players. Over three years ago the government of Macau had banned smoking from the mass market gambling areas. The Cotai District administration managed to tighten up their smoking regulations. They have introduced a new policy on tobacco prevention from authorized lounges only.

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Responsible Gambling in Macau

Gamblers should always remember to gamble safely and make sure that they don’t chase after their losses. Gambling is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Always remember to gamble responsibly.