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Lotto is much like bingo, requiring that you match numbers on your lotto ticket to those drawn by the machine. In a game, you select six numbers, from 1 to 45 or more, and also choose the number of lines you want to play.Lotto -Australia

Lotto games are very fun, and even more so, thanks to their variety and versatility. They are also quite easy to play and typically offer big cash wins. You can expect to see a game draw of one sort or another just about every evening, and they will differ in cash sizes and promotions. There is something for everyone when it comes to lotto games all you need to do is choose the one that suits you.

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The History of Lotto games and Lotteries

lottery history-Australia

In the beginning, lotteries were illegal. They were mainly in the form of sweepstakes and would migrate between states to avoid being caught until the government realized the business potential in this type of gambling. Then the Government began exploring the possibility of curbing the effects of economic meltdowns with lotto playing.

The first remedial application of lotteries was in the 1980s when the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania, was in dire straits. The government approved its first ever lottery, the Grand Lottery, with the purpose of helping to ease the economic burden that would follow the collapse of this bank. The game included cash and property prizes.

Lotto is Televised

The success of this strategy led to other states adopting it, and soon the New Wales State Lottery was launched for this very resolve. Lotto games are known for helping survive the Great Depression, among other economic catastrophes, build the Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House between the 1930s and 1970s.

Also, in the 1970s, well in 1979 to be precise, Lotto games started being aired on television. The game was given a fresh look with Hans Brosch Electrotechnick’s game machine. This both automated the game and brought much appeal to the television program. Televising lotto games lead to other developments later, like scratch cards, modernized lotteries, and national lotteries.

Playing Lotto in 2018

Today, with all the transitions that the lotto gaming world has gone through, players have access to some games and lotteries, from regional to national ones. These include the Oz game, Powerball, Saturday game, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Keno, Set For Life, Super 66, and much more.Players can choose to pay at their favorite casinos such as mycitadel casinos.

Saturday Lotto™

Oz Lotto-Australia






Saturday Lotto is also a national lottery, and similar to Oz Lotto, it is under the administration of Tattersall’s. It is played on Saturday nights. Saturday game is known as Tatts in most areas.

Monday & Wednesday Lotto

 monday-and-wednesday-lotto - Australia








The Monday & Wednesday Lotto started off being played only in New South Wales, under the administration of New South Wales Lotteries. Its first draw took place on the 5th of November 1979, and was formerly referred to as ‘The Big One.’ Up until 1994 when Oz game was introduced, this NSW game was the only one played in that state.


powerball -Australia

Another one of Tattersall’s lotto games, Powerball is the worlds spin-off of the prominent American Powerball game. The Powerball draws happen on Thursday nights, having had its first draw held on the 23rd of May 1996. It is played by randomly selecting six numbers from forty, and then an extra ball, known as the Powerball. The Powerball is however drawn from a separate barrel of 20 balls. For the player to win, all six of their ball, including the Powerball must be correct.


online keno - Australia








Keno is also a popular lotto game across the world, and there are various ones managed by different operators. There is Lotteries Keno, and others run by Tabcorp Holdings and Skycity. Keno games are usually run throughout the day, each being 3 to 3.5 minutes apart. The results are posted on screens at outlets affiliated with them like casinos, hotels, and clubs.

Super 66

 super-66-lotto -Australia







Super 66 is an add-on game that airs every Saturday after the main Tattslotto draw. Players have to select numbers, and they win by matching the entire winning combination, for First Division, or by matching at least the first two or last two numbers for the other Divisions.

Set For Life

 set-for-life game-Australia









Set For Life is aimed at younger players, between the ages of 20 and 40. It is quite new on the scene, having had its first draw launched only in August 2015. This Lotto differs from others in several ways. First, the game is played by selecting eight numbers, instead of six, between 1 and 37. This ‘set’ of numbers will be used to enter the successive seven draws, and the player needs two sets to play. The game also features two bonus numbers, instead of the usual one. Set For Life has eight prize divisions, the top prize is paid up in parts of 20, 000 a month over 20 years instead of once off in full. The other prizes are paid in full. Choose the best online casino near you to play this game.

How to play Lotto

How to play Lotto-Australia

Playing the Lotto is quick and simple, and understanding the games is just as easy. The games have Prize Divisions; some may have 5 Divisions while others have more. The First Division will be the hardest to win, and thus the largest prize and the others decline in both difficulty and size up to the least.

To play, you will need to select a certain number of digits from a given pool. These differ from one game to another, but usually, you will need to select five numbers and a Bonus Ball where applicable, from 1 up to 40 or so. Selections may be done digitally (computer-generated) or recorded on a lotto entry ticket.

Lotto admin for players

The game administrator may offer different options to improve your winning chances. For example, the Saturday game has ‘Quick Pick,’ ‘Top Up,’ ‘Marked Coupon,’ ‘System Entries’ and others.

It is important to keep in mind the cut off time for submissions. This way, you can make sure your selection/entry is in before the stipulated time. After this, you will need to watch the draw at the scheduled time for the results, and check your ticket entry to see if you have won.

FAQs about Lotto

What is Lotto?

Lotto is a game played by matching a selection of 5, 6 or more numbers to a final draw of winning numbers. Numbers are selected from a barrel of number 1 up to 40 or more. Lotto draws normally happen very frequently, sometimes multiple times a day and daily. They are usually aired on TV or online.

How do I play the game?

To play the game, you simply need to purchase a ticket, mark off the numbers on your ticket, hand it in and watch the lotto draw broadcast to see if you won. Purchases and submissions may be done online or at an associated outlet, and the lottery company may offer various ways to make your selection.

What are System Entries?

A system entry is a variation of the average lotto ticket that allows players to select additional numbers over and above the usual ones. When using System Entries, the player has an increased chance of winning because they have a larger selection of number combinations to play with.

How much can I win when playing a lotto game?

Every Lottery sets its prizes, so to know how much is up for grabs, visit the lottery’s website and check the prizes for each division. For example, the Saturday Lotto’ s First Division prize is about million every week.

What is Lotto jackpot rollover?

When a First Division prize does not have a winner, that prize is carried on (rolled over) to the following week and added to that week’s First Division prize. This is prize is called a jackpot at this point.

Which games can I play ?

Lotto has a vast array of games to suit all needs. Some are played throughout the week while some are for selected weekdays or weekends. Examples include the Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Saturday game, Powerball and Keno. There are also games for specific age groups like Set For Life which is aimed at 20 to 40-year-olds.

Lotto Glossary

Lotto Bloc: a lottery group that owns and syndicates games throughout the states. Theses lotteries include Saturday game, Monday and Wednesday game Powerball and others.

Cold Numbers: a term used to refer to numbers that have not been drawn in a lotto game for an extended period.

Coupon: the part of the game ticket that is numbered and is used for selections for the next lottery draw.

Division: a Division in a Lotto game refers to a prize level or tier. These differ in the size of the prize and winning numbers required for them.

Draw: a draw is when a game event when the winning numbers are randomly selected and revealed. Draws are televised or broadcast online.

Draw / Sale Closing Time: this is the cut off time for submitting or purchasing a lotto entry ticket. After this time, no entries will be taken or sold.

Jackpot: if in a game there is no First Division winner, then the prize is rolled over to the next week’s First Division Prize Pool. This is then referred to as a Jackpot.

Quick Pick: or QuickSelection, is an option in which the number selection is done for you by the lottery’s random number selector.

Saturday Lotto Megadraw: this is a special edition of the Saturday Lotto™ normally held on the first Saturday following Christmas. In this Megadraw the prize is a million jackpot or even more.

Saturday Lotto Superdraw: another special draw by Saturday Lotto™ where the jackpot is higher than usual. It is held a few times a year at a million jackpot or even more.

Selection System: a system where only a particular group or subset of number combinations will be played.

Syndicate is a group in which players can purchase a big lotto entry ticket, with the cost share of the ticket sharing among members. This increases the players’ winning chances.
Also known as Group Play.

System Ticket / System Entry: a variant of the normal ticket which allows players to select additional numbers. This in effect means the player achieves number combinations and has an improved winning chance.

Term: a time period within which a lottery ticket will be entered into all selected draws.