Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards or Scratchies are highly popular across the globe, and this is true in just about every state. Their popularity is dubbed the fastest growing in the world by far, with massive expenditures on them yearly. They are available in an ordinary way as physical paper cards and also online, through online casinos that offer Online scratch cards -Australia

This Jackpots Casino page will explain and give you more insight into Scratch Card gambling so that you may enjoy a more knowledgeable experience with this fun and easy form of gaming.

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What Are Scratch Cards Or Scratchies?

Traditionally, Scratch Cards are small paper cards with hidden numbers or symbols printed on them. Online Scratchies are a virtual version of the traditional ones. The point of the game is to land a scratch card with a winning combination of numbers or symbols in it and to find this out; you need to scratch out the material on top of them, usually made out of thin and grey foil-like acrylic or latex paint.

What Are Scratch Cards Or Scratchies - Australia

The great thing about Scratchies, or ‘instants’ as sometimes called by players, is that you need not wait for a draw to know if you have won. As soon as you have purchased the card, you simply grab a coin and scratch out the layer hiding the sequence, and you will immediately know your fate. A winning scratchie will have matching numbers or a pattern of matching symbols. The cards come in different types, some with a small strip for the sequence, some with a large grid. The cards may also have the hidden sequence in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal layout.

Similarly, Online Scratchies reveal your status instantly, requiring no waiting time at all. Even more interesting, online Scratch Cards have a higher payout rate than physical ones. Online Scratchies are easy to play. With a display of various cards, all you do is point and click the one you want to play, and your results will be revealed immediately. If you win, the funds are credited to your online casino account.

The History of Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are relatively recent compared to other forms of gambling, including other lottery games. They were invented in 1974 by a group of computer scientists in America. They revolutionized gambling with the concept of an instant lottery and of course, instant gratification. Many corporations quickly started offering scratch card gaming in the 1970s. By 1987, the game had become so widespread that AstroMed Inc., a Rhode Island company, patented a scratch card.

As they grew more popular, they were incorporated into charities and used as a marketing strategy among other things. Today, Scratch Cards have infiltrated the online gambling scene, making them even faster and more convenient to play than before.

Winning a Scratch Card game in 2018

As you have now learned, playing a scratch card game is very easy. Winning it may not be as simple; after all, it is a game of chance just like any other gamble. However, this is the reason they are so exciting. Many internet players have won handsomely on scratch card games, though, both Online Scratchies, and physical ones, and should you become one of them, redeeming your winnings is also very easy.

Winning a Scratch Card game - Australia

Winning Physical Scratchies

With online Scratchies, claiming your winnings is also an electronic endeavour. Since the gameplay is computer-based, your win will be recorded instantly without needing redemption. With your current online casino account, you can directly view your winnings and withdraw them, or use then to play again.

Winning Online Scratchies

As for physical Scratch Cards, you can take back the winning card to the retailer that sold it to you in the first place to redeem the prize, unless the winnings exceed what the retailer can give, normally this is anything above 1,000. In this case, you can follow the instructions provided on the card for redeeming your prize. This may require you to claim by mail from the Scratch Card company that runs them. It is very critical that you keep the scratch card safe as you need it to claim your prize.

Tickets purchased in one state can only be redeemed in that state, and not another. The Scratch Cards come in a variety of price denominations.

Where to Purchase Scratchies

Many online casinos offer online scratch card games, and Jackpots Casino recommends only the safest, most trustworthy of them for our casino players. These online Scratch Cards come in thrilling themes like Mumbai Magic, Slam Funk and Whack a Jackpot. Online Scratchies are operated with Random Number Generators to make sure the outcomes are unpredictable and fair to all players. To play Online Scratch Cards, all you need to do is sign up at your preferred Online Casino, make a deposit and purchase Scratchies as you want.

Where to Purchase Scratchies - Australia

Looking for a place to buy a physical scratch card in ‘The Land Down Under’? You will be glad to know that there are plenty of scratch card vendors around. One of the most popular Lottery companies that sell scratchies is Tattersall’s or Tatts.

Benefits of Playing Scratch Cards

In case you are wondering why you should try Scratch Cards when there are other ways to gamble, like regular lotto games, here are some advantages to it.

Physical Scratch Cards

  • Scratchies do not have a waiting period. Your fate lies beneath the cover, and all you have to do is scratch it out, or press play if using Online Scratchies, and you know instantly. You can do this as soon as you purchase, before leaving the store.
  • They are easily and readily available all around the globe. You can buy them at most retailers or simply find them online and play.
  • Scratch Cards offer a variety of options in that they are always different and exciting. Other games are set, and all you can do is pick what is there and play.
  • Instants are fun to play. They have attractive designs with many influences from retro to current popular culture.
  • They also come at various purchase prices and thus, different denominations. You can choose the scratchies that you can afford to buy or choose according to your needs.

Online Scratch Cards

  • Imperative to know as well, if you are going for online Scratch Cards, you will be glad to know that their payout at a higher rate than real cards.
  • Online Scratch Cards also have a much faster gameplay. The whole thing is computerized, so a simple point-and-click method is all it takes to know where you stand. They also save you the messy trouble of physically scratching out the latex paint or acrylic layer.
  • Players can play online scratchies at many Online Casinos. A lot of them accept the player’s currency and provide players with a variety of safe and secure banking options.

Scratch Cards – The Odds

Physical Scratch Cards have different ticket types, and with each type comes different odds. For instance, some have odds of 1:3 while others have odds of 1:4, and you will find many with odds that are in between or more. These Scratchies have a pre-determine number of winners and losers, so when you purchase a card, you are playing from a pool with an already set probability.

Scratch Cards – The Odds-Australia

Online Scratch Cards, on the other hand, work differently. The use of Random Number Generators means the probability is not set, and the outcomes are built at that time. The numbers or symbols are determined haphazardly, without any precise formula; random number algorithm, thus making it difficult to determine your odds.

Glossary of ScratchCards/Scratchies

Autoplay – an option on online Scratch Cards games where the computer plays through some games on your behalf, while you watch, and hopefully win.

Cashier – a section of the Scratchies game display where you can deposit or withdraw your winnings.

Casino Scratch – types of online scratch card games that have casino-related themes, like online slot games, online blackjack, etc.

Classic Scratch – online Scratch Cards games that have been running on the sites for a long time and thus more attractive compared to new age scratch card games.

Fantasy Scratch – online scratchies with fantasy or traditional themes.

Free practice play – a version of online scratchies in which players can play without wagering any real money, thus played for practice and fun.

Line Price – the amount of bet money you have dedicated to wagering on each scratch card line.

Max – this is a button on the scratchies game that you press to set your maximum bet amount without needing to set each bet separately.

Real money play – another version of Online Scratch Card games where players are allowed to play with and for true cash winnings.

Recent Games – a display of the online scratch card games that you played most recently at the online casino site.

Sports Scratch – online scratchies with sports themes.

FAQs on Scratch Cards

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