Gambling Commission fines William Hill £6.2m

William Hill has been penalized £6.2m from the Gambling Commission. This is after they have accepted money from offenders without having to carry out a proper background check. Moreover, this is an industry that is always promoting responsible gambling. So, William Hillis now turning a blind eye to dirty money.

Gambling Commission fines William Hill £6.2m

William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill is one of the most trusted betting group.  However, to this date things might have changed due to their latest news. They have been fined by the gambling regulator for subliminally failing to defend consumers and also stop money laundering. William Hill has failed to see signs of problem gambling for years. So, they have broken the anti-cash laundering and responsibility regulations.

Responsible Gambling

Australia takes responsible gambling seriously and wants to make sure that every gambling site does offer responsible gaming. It is the commission’s second-biggest penalty after 888 was £7.8m in the past year. The fine was for failing to guard susceptible players. The regulator says that since the company had failed by senior managing and employees at the firm’s online gaming.  10 players made a deposit of money that is link to criminal offenses, which caused £ gains for William Hill.

William Hill Fine

The executive director for the Gambling Commission, Tim Miller, said there were warning problem gambling signs. William Hill will have to pay the damage of £5m for breaching the regulations. Furthermore, they will pay £1.2m of the money earned from the contacts with the 10 players. Should the company fail to make the payment they stand a chance of losing their whole spending?

The Commission was ready to use the full range of its powers to make gambling fairer and safer. The commission also said that the company had failed to sufficiently look for data about the source of their money and to establish if there were any problem gamblers.