Omnia Casino, an AI-driven compliance-first casino lauch

The World’s first 100% Artificial Intellect gaming operator goes live. Omnia Casino is the first ever global artificial intelligence-built and compliance-led gaming casino. The casino offers players ultimate fun, rewards and also responsible gambling experience. Omnia casino was founded in December 2017 by a number of senior gaming executives. They have a successful track record when it comes to launching and running main mobile and online casinos. Sam Hobcraft, former Director of Gaming at Betfair and MD-Casino at PokerStars are also some of the executives that are involved in the casino.

omnia casino

Omnia Casino – How It Was Built

Omnia was built with the use of the latest AI software and tech stack to reward gamers and ensure that they are always playing responsibly. The mobile-first casino purposely designed its responsible gaming functionality, such as the deposit limits to be upfront, clear and easy and also customer-friendly as possible.

The next expansion phase that will take place later this year will see players prompted to set a deposit limit immediately when they register. This is to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times.

Omnia Casino offers

The casino’s transparent offers and rewards system is an industry first, also including ‘Omnia Coins’. They are a unique loyalty arrangement that enables casino gamers to earn Omnia coins when they play any game. You can change Omnia coins in the Omnia store.  Players are also able to play real money games and get to win up to £5 million.

“We believe players also deserve a superior, more fun and responsible online casino experience. Moreover, players can exchange Omnia Coins for bonuses. In addition Omnia Casino will allow players to exchange Coins for things such as electrical items and merchandise.

The motivation to build a compliance-led and 100% AI-driven casino was about mindset and starting as a mean to go on. AI is continually evolving, and it is to make the casino a more personalized and fun experience, with a strong focus on obedience. AI makes sure that problem gamblers can also be detected early.

“It is also about modest advantage. We present gamers with accountable gaming features because these casino players are loyal. Omnia is beautifully designed, a mobile-first casino where the gameplay is enhanced with exclusive rewards and first-class customer service.

“We want Omnia gambling site to be a site that other players can recommend to friends.”