Crown Casino’s License Renewed In Spite Concerns Over Problem Gamblers

Crown Casino must make sure that it improves its responsible gambling efforts and defiance. Victoria’s gaming regulator has renewed Crown Casino’s license despite the apparent concerns over problem gamblers. Crown Casino was fined after two juveniles were found gambling. Moreover, the casino needs to have a new and refreshed strategy to use for problem gamblers. The casino was criticised for its “lack of innovation” in its method of responsible gambling.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino – How It Is Losing It

Crown Casino is one of the best casinos known across the world. However, so far it seems to be losing the plot and losing the trust of the people. If the casino does not up it’s game, it might end up getting more problems and troubles.

“Such as might now be obligatory of a world-leading operative to meet increasing community and regulatory prospects,” the review from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) said.

Crown Casino Fines

With all that is taking place at Crown Casino, the review says that the casino still remains suitable to hold the casino license. The VCGLR tinted record fines for the Casino for breaking gaming laws. That included a $300,000 fine for removing betting selections on 17 of its poker machines without authorization, known as “blanking buttons”.

Crown Casino denies all allegations that anti-money laundering provisions were ignored, however, the regulator did recommend that rules and practices would be reinforced.

Children Gambling and Children Left in Car Parks

Crown has been fined over a total of $560,000 for eight compliance breaches that include allowing minors to gamble. In 2017, the VCGLR fined Crown Casino $150,000 for 13 instances of failure to comply with the state’s regulations.


There is a lot that Crown has to do to improve and bring its reputation and image back to good books. However, it is not going to be easy but it has to be done. The casino is always getting fined for failing to manage smaller issues. Which is not good.