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Casino guide page is your companion to becoming the most adept online gambler in Australia. In need of a crash course in everything online casino and gambling related? You have come to the right place. We’ve put together all the intelligence on casinos that we have collected over the years. It is all compiled comprehensively in this online casino guide to help you through a more educated gaming journey.

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2017 Online Casino Guide: History of Gambling In Australia

The story of Australia and the gambling scene is one that is so capturing; it almost feels like folklore, dating back as far as the early 1800s. New South West Wales hosted Australia’s first official horse racing meet between 1809 and 1810. This was followed by The Melbourne Cup in 1861, one of Aussie’s lushest turf races, which at the time stretched just over the now regular two miles.

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The gambling industry of The Land Down Under continued to grow and flourish from there on, seeing great moments like the establishment of the Golden Casket Lotteries, the first government-operated lottery in 1921, and the legalising of Pokies machines in 1965.

More recently, Australia has seen through the introduction of interactive gambling in Queensland and Tasmania (2000), the licensing of betting exchanges in Tasmania (2006) and to date, an exponential growth in both Online Gambling and Mobile Gambling.

Online Casino Guide: Welcome Bonuses and Other Rewards

If you have ever looked through many of the online casino offers advertised on their websites, you may have found yourself wondering just how it all works and if there’s much benefit to you. To make it easy, we have broken down the various types of Bonuses, giving you concise but clear details surrounding these casino promotions in this casino guide.

Your 2017 Casino Guide on Welcome Bonuses

A Welcome Bonus is based on matching (by a certain percentage) a set number of deposits that the player makes, which the player receives as a gaming bonus. Such an offer is aimed at attracting entirely new players. Some online casinos may offer a welcome bonus as one whole or split into 2 or more deposits, meaning the player can claim it over a few deposits instead all at once.

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Percentage Deposit Bonuses – Casino Guide

A Percentage Deposit Bonus works similar to a Welcome Bonus in that the reward is a percentage match of the deposit that the player made. It too may or may not be tied to a particular game. However, a regular Match Deposit Bonus is not just for brand new players, it is offered to existing players and is given as a reward for depositing on a certain day or period. The match percentage also tends to vary.

Casino Guide – No Deposit Bonuses

This Bonus can be claimed without the player needing to make any financial commitment or risking his/her funds. This way, the player can explore the games freely to get a feel for the gameplay and the casino. This too is an acquisition method targeted at bringing in new players.


Loyalty Rewards – Casino Guide

Online Casinos will usually have Loyalty Reward Programs which work akin to regular commercial ones around Aussie. The Player gets awarded special points for spending a specified amount on a bet, or betting a certain number of times, usually on any game. However, casinos may periodically run a promotion on a specific game or games, giving away multiple loyalty points for betting on them.

Referral Rewards – Casino Guide

Another common thing in the commercial industry is a referral reward, where an existing player gets awarded a Bonus or Free Spins for recommending a friend. The bonus is claimable after the referred player has satisfied stipulated requirements such as making their first deposit at the online casino. On the other hand, the referred player may also be awarded a Bonus if they mention the player who referred them.

Casino Guide – High Roller Rewards

A high roller is a name given to a player who tends to deposit amounts larger than the average player’s; they bear as big a risk of losing as their potential to win big. As a form of appreciation of these big time fun lovers, the online casinos will compensate their gameplay with an amount higher than the standard on the previously mentioned Bonuses and rewards.


Payment Method Rewards

Australian Online Casinos offer players a diversity of ways to do their financial transactions, for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing their winnings. And, sometimes the casino will run a promotion where players get rewarded for using a specific banking method.

Online Casino Guide: Depositing and Withdrawing

As a real money player, you want to be able to do your banking with Internet casinos as comfortably and conveniently as possible. Since real money play requires depositing funds into your casino account and withdrawing your winnings whenever you so desire, it comes as a given that all transactions ought to be reliable.

Most Online Casinos offer a good variety of methods for banking, making provisions for different locations and preferences. These include Credit Card payments, Pre-Paid Cards, Wire Transfers, E-Wallet Services, and E-Checks. Instant Bank Transfers like MyCitadel and Poli are extremely popular in Australia, along with Visa and MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards. Below is a brief breakdown of each of these methods according to their Pros and Cons.


Credit Cards·         Easy-use and Convenient

·         Accepted in most territories including Australia

·         Bank account is directly linked to Online Casino account, eliminating third parties.

·         Supports multiple currencies

·         Withdrawals take 3-5 working days to process.

·         Greatly regulated transactions slowing down access to funds.

·         Casinos may set limits

·         Some banks don’t accept them for gaming use.

·         Master Card

·         Visa

·         Visa Electron

·         Maestro

Pre-Paid Cards·         Higher level of Safety and Security in fund transfers due to minimised direct links to your bank account.

·         Allows you to put only the amount you wish to deposit, helping you keep an eye on the movement of funds.

·         Payments are processed instantly, and the casino does not charge for this.

·         It’s a roundabout route to banking; requiring first to deposit funds onto the card before depositing them into your casino account.·         Ukash

·         PaySafeCard

Wire Transfers·         Personal data is protected.

·         Easy, convenient and supports AU$ and many other currencies.

·         Extensively accepted by online casinos.

·         Withdrawals are processed instantly.

·         May come with high transaction charges as much as AU$10, especially for withdrawals below a specified amount.

·         Deposits are not charged. However, the transaction process may take long.

E-Wallet Services·         Third party mediums guard transactions, ensuring high security.

·         Work by transferring funds from your Australian bank account into casino account, restricting access to your banking information.

·         Instant deposit and withdrawal processing.

·         Requires a two stage deposit process, from bank to e-wallet, then to the casino account and vice versa for withdrawing.

·         Some have restricted currency support.

·         Withdrawals may be charged.

·         Ecocard

·         Instadebit

·         Click2Pay

eChecks·         Electronic, thus paper-less.

·         Safe and Instantaneous fund transfers.

·         Strict monitoring reduces the likelihood of someone misusing your account details.

·         Transactions take longer to clear.

·         There needs to be funds in bank account, credit wagers not possible.


Online Casino Guide: Licensing and Regulation

Online Casinos need to operate legally and be regulated by the gambling commission of their jurisdiction. This safeguards players from irresponsible, unsafe and fraudulent service providers. So typically, two gaming control agencies are needed for this; the licensing body and the regulator. Below is information on these two authorities.

Licensing for Australian Casinos

For any Australian Online Casino to operate legally, giving its clients piece of mind, it needs to apply for and be given operating rights within the jurisdiction in which it wishes to function. The applicant needs to ascertain their good standing and integrity.

Gambling Control Boards propagate all the rules and regulations that prescribe the conduct of casinos within their area and own the authority to award, deny or revoke licenses for casinos, owners, employees and any others entity according to their determination of suitability. Examples include the South Australia Independent Gambling Authority, Gaming Tribunal of New South Wales and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.


Online Casino Regulation in 2017

Once the casino has been granted an operating license, the licensing jurisdiction will ensure that it is placed under a regulatory body to monitor its conduct. This will include keeping an eye on safety and fairness of the casino, protecting player funds, ensuring responsible service provision to players, settling disputes between casino and player, and addressing complaints as they arise. Such Regulators include the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation of Queensland and eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

Online Casino Guide: Casino Security

Online gambling involves monetary transactions and sensitive information sharing, which can easily expose online casinos to fraudulent activities and money laundering schemes. Thus, it naturally dictates that casinos enforce a good amount of security to protect itself and its players from undesirable third parties.

In this regard, security measures that Australian online casinos have implemented to keep all stakeholders as safe as possible include SSL encryption technologies that guard online transactions, personal identification, account and withdrawal verifications. Casinos have also opened up 24/7 Customer Support centers to ascertain that players can receive assistance ‘round the clock should any red flags pop up.


Other standard measures that have been undertaken by the Australian government and other such authorities are Gambling Licensing Boards and Regulatory Bodies to monitor the very viability and trustworthiness of online gambling service providers. These determine whether an Online Casino, for instance, is suitable for operation judging from their character, financial standing, etc., and may grant or deny their license application.

Why Choose Online Gambling

Naturally, with the advent and growth of online casinos, you may be wondering about the benefits, if any, of choosing online over offline gaming. So to make your decision-making a little easier, here are a few pointers for you to consider.

The PROs of Online Gambling

Welcome Bonuses

One of the very first attractions when looking through an Australian Online Casino is their new member welcome package. You will find some of the most lavish Bonuses and rewards on the continent, with a wide variety to appeal to different players. These give new players the opportunity to experience the richness of the casino and give them a head start in their gameplay.

Free Play

Also accompanying a first time player’s package is Free Play. This just means the players can explore the casino, its Pokies and other games, having some good fun, without having to risk their funds. The Free Play is especially perfect for helping new members get a better understanding of how casino games work.



When you are looking for a more secluded, peaceful and calm environment to play, Online Gambling is your best bet. Since you can access all your games from the comfort of your home, there’s no limit to the freedom you feel, especially when trying out new games that you may ordinarily be too embarrassed to try out in the public eye. And, you needn’t wait for your turn either.

Game Collection

Another beauty of Online Casinos is having a wide array of games to choose from. Online casinos have the unlimited space to fit in all the games that they source from their gaming software providers, giving you even more pleasure for your buck. The game pool will include everything from Classic Table Games such as Roulette and Blackjack, Online Pokies, Poker and loads more like Variety Games.

Casino Guide – Winning Potential and the Art of RNGs

What Are RNGs?

Random Number Generators or RNGs are fundamentally computerized devices designed to produce number or symbol sequences in an unpredictable fashion using an algorithm. Casinos use these in an effort to guarantee randomness, and thus lower chances of fraud, cheating or any unfair practice either by casino or player. This, in turn, gives all players a fair and equal chance at winning without prejudice.

Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG) and True Random Number Generators (TRNG) are the two most commonly known types of RNGs. PRNG are the ones most regularly used in Australian Casino games like Pokies. They are faster, and time is a critical aspect of gambling.

How Is The Fairness of RNGs Managed?

Because casinos will typically need to present a certificate with a seal of approval, showing that it is law abiding in its practices, fair and trustworthy, the casino has to organize independent audits of all its games and outcomes. These independent auditors will perform full inspections of everything including the functionality of the RNGs.

A  Casino Guide to Bankroll Management In 2017

Casinos, like any other commercial service, are tied to monetary exchange, with the hope of gaining some funds yourself as a player. But the most valued outcome of a casino is the thrill and exhilaration that comes with gameplay. Whichever one you are playing for, it remains very vital to have control over the use of your funds.

What Is Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is all about organizing the movement and expenditure of your money; basically, it is a budgeting strategy for your money at the casino. There are two reasons why this is so important. Firstly, this will save you from carelessly using funds, which can lead to over expenditure and other financial trouble it may bring with it. Secondly, having control over your money will buy you much more play time.

How to Have a Successful Bankroll Management Strategy

It is very easy to entrap yourself in financial issues due to reckless betting when you do not have a functional and achievable plan. So, it goes without saying that you should consider having one. But just exactly how can you devise an effective funds management system for yourself? Let’s look at a few, imperative things to keep in mind when planning you Bankroll Management strategy.

Decide Ahead How Much to Bet and How

First things first, start by determining your budget. What is the exact amount of money you are going to spend at the online casino during a certain period? On which games will you spend these funds? It is advisable to take a prudent approach to your gambling behavior to avoid misuse and unplanned mistakes.

Here are a few great tips:

  1. Split your budget between different games. If you are planning on play four games; two Table Games and two Pokies, then divide your budget amount proportionally across them or as you see fit. This way, you still have three more opportunities to play should you dwindle on the first game.
  2. Whenever you win, split those wins across the games as well.
  3. Save some of your winnings for your bank account too. Make some transfers when possible.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!

There is no point in having an objective and a strategy if you do not have the internal strength to keep at it. So be sure to keep an out for temptations. Once you have decided how much of your money you are going to spend on betting, and on what, you need to make an active decision not to deviate from this plan.

Do not be tempted to think that because you are on a winning streak, then continuing or even betting substantially bigger will rake in more wins. This is not a guarantee. Just as well, if you are losing, do not try to overcome your losses by betting higher.

Know When to Stop

Again, whether you’re on a losing or winning streak, do not get carried away. Remember that responsible gambling is everything here. Consider stopping the game when you have landed those good wins. Your instincts are a useful instrument at this point. Avoid that one detrimental hit that costs you everything.

And when you have not had a lucky round, make a decision to pull the plug on the game before you end up digging into funds that are outside your budget. Try it out at another time. Again, your instincts may save you if you pay attention to them instead of acting out of greed or desperation.

Casino Guide – Other Tips

Here are a few more tips to improve your bankroll strategy:

  • Try not to use too much of your money on a game you are not too familiar with. Leave that for games you have gathered enough experience and are comfortable with. Though gambling is not reliant on skill, it will sure feel less frustrating losing on a game you knew nothing about in the first place.
  • Similarly, be mindful of the Bonuses and rewards you choose to buy into. Some offers are placed on games you have very little experience with. Taking such offers may be more likely to end up unfruitful.

Casino Guide – FAQs

Are the Australian Online Casinos legal?
What Deposit/Withdrawal Methods are available to Australian Players?
How can I tell if an Online Casino is safe?
How are Australian Online Casinos governed?
There are many land-based casinos in Australia. Why should I choose an Online Casino?
How can I be sure of a casino’s fairness in winning opportunities?

Casino Guide Glossary

Bankroll – A gamer’s budget: the total amount a player has dedicated to betting.

Bet – A wager.

Deposit – the amount of money that a player has paid into their online casino account for the purpose of using in bets.

Gaming Control Board – A government body that regulates and licenses gambling service providers within their designated geographical area, also known as Gambling Board or Commission.

High Roller – A player who regularly deposits and bets much larger amounts that the average player normally would.

RNG – short for Random Number Generator, is a computer that builds up sequences of numbers (or symbols) in a haphazard way to determine game outcomes. These are used in many popular games, for example, Roulette.

Welcome Bonus – An acquisition tool where a new player is rewarded with a bonus for making their first deposit to the casino.